Xim: A new photo-sharing app from Microsoft for Smartphones


Microsoft Research lately released its latest photo-sharing app called Xim. This unique app is designed to alter the means of sharing pictures. It’s non exactly a photo-sharing tool similar Instagram or Flickr, but much more.

Steve Ickman, a software-design engineer who plant for FUSE, purpose of Microsoft Research, quoted:

Our goals with Xim is to alter the means people part inwards the moment. This novel applied scientific discipline enhances social interactions together with experiences past times enabling well-nigh effortless photograph sharing, live on it face-to-face or inwards a remote setting.

Xim app for Windows Phones, Android together with iOS

Microsoft Research lately released its latest photograph Xim: H5N1 novel photo-sharing app from Microsoft for Smartphones

You upload a photograph on Facebook along with a casual condition together with later few hours your friends or friends of friends offset either liking or commenting on your shared picture. After a while, you lot notice yourself replying to the 100th comment, together with the count is nonetheless on. But, with Xim you lot sense an solely novel basis of sharing photos. It’s non exactly a social app for photograph part rather it’s designed for expressing ideas.

Furthermore, it non only aimed for kids or teenagers – rather this app involves all the people across the world, called every bit the Ximmers, to direct their thoughts via their photos inwards an interactive means across all telephone platforms.

How to part photos via Xim

With Xim users tin flaming part photos with their contacts inwards an tardily every bit good every bit convenient way. In monastic enjoin to part your photos with your friends, relatives or colleagues, you lot stimulate got exactly to follow these steps:

  1. Download the app from the store.
  2. Send the link through SMS or e-mail to anyone inwards your contacts
  3. Being powered with the Web, the shared link runs on all the platforms thence making it tardily for your friends to stance your shared photos inwards a become at whatever place.
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Features of Xim

  1. Secure with minimum requirements

Xim is a non-permanent cloud-based app which expires later a fiddling inwards monastic enjoin to continue storage together with connectivity requirements to a minimum. However, Ximmers tin flaming salve the photos or accept screenshots with the help of the additional options which they tin flaming run into past times pressing for long on a photo.

While, nosotros believe that the tech-giant wants to ensure the safety of the pictures shared past times the users inwards monastic enjoin to avoid whatever leaks every bit nosotros came across inwards example of the iCloud few weeks ago.

  1. All-in-one Upload

Xim is an integrated platform which tin flaming upload photos easily from the device, Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook or Instagram. Though, currently you lot tin flaming direct upward to 50 photos at maximum for sharing inwards your circle.

  1. Experience of multiple phones inwards existent time

You tin flaming install Xim together with offset sharing your phenomenal clicks with your friends via SMS or emails. Thus, many people tin flaming stance together with browse the same photograph content at the same fourth dimension i.e. multiple slide present of photos inwards existent time. Microsoft sure replaces tossing of a unmarried telephone with the friends to run into the photos with an efficient app.

  1. Group chat

This characteristic adds a dissimilar season to Xim every bit participants (with Xim pre-installed) tin flaming exactly swipe, zoom together with pan through the shared images. Further, they tin flaming fifty-fifty upload additional photos or add together novel members to their group.

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Xim inwards activity video

Microsoft Research has also released an official video for earth nether the tagline “Share your photos, non your phone, with Microsoft Xim”.

Microsoft query squad is planning to implement its ideas inwards the close future. These plans include simplifying the creation of a larger groups quickly; varying experiences for multiple devices similar tablets; adding something interesting to Xim beyond photograph sharing together with many more.


Microsoft has already released this app for the Windows Phones, Android together with iOS platforms. Xim is initially available for download inwards U.S. together with Canada, though other countries volition live on added to the Xim-circle soon. You tin flaming instruct to a greater extent than details at its dwelling page.

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