Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to support HTML5 and Silverlight


Microsoft is working on the adjacent version of Windows band seven which is codenamed every bit “Mango“, which volition survive expected to instruct officially announced inwards minute one-half of this year, in all probability inwards September 2011. The novel version volition survive initially based on the master copy Windows Phone seven internals as well as volition innovate or thence novel heavy-class features, such every bit native back upward for HTML5 as well as Silverlight applications, as well as enhanced back upward for Exchange functionality, amongst the build elevate changed to Windows Phone 7.5.


Microsoft is working on the adjacent version of Windows band  Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to back upward HTML5 as well as Silverlight


Microsoft may too heighten the evolution of staff as well as obtain the application programming interface to command multi-tasking, in-app downloads, as well as improve customization capabilities.

The updated version of Windows Phone seven is expected to bring Silverlight as well as HTML v support, as well as the Far East languages as well as another features. In addition, Silverlight is a major Windows Phone seven device evolution platform, but its ain mobile browser (IE) does non bring back upward for Silverlight plug-in function.

The commencement major update to Windows Phone 7, which was rolled out for full general users few days ago, introduced or thence basic functionality improvements  inwards Phone as well as amongst or thence nipper põrnikas fixes also. It is non silent officially confirmed that the existing WP7 devices volition survive upgradable to the adjacent version of WP seven or not, but inwards all likelihood, they volition be!

Obviously, these characteristic upgrades as well as changes every bit announced inwards the recent Microsoft conference, seems to bring been component subdivision of the proof that Microsoft as well as partners are planning to bring launch of or thence novel devices.

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In other words, earlier the disclosure of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 inwards the twelvemonth 2012 to attain or thence of the critical updates, it volition desire to bring an intermediate Windows Phone 7.5 version.

Nokia has reached an agreement amongst Microsoft, as well as inwards add-on to Microsoft as well as Nokia, at that spot are other potentials inwards the pipeline. Nokia may liberate Microsoft’s novel version of the smartphone subsequently Oct 2011, as well as and thence start transportation band adjacent twelvemonth onwards.



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