Windows 10 v1903 May 2019 Update blocked by AMD Drivers


Windows 10 v1903 offers a slew of features as well as functioning improvement over the previous version. As ever I was real eager to exam the Windows 10 v1903. However, I was inward for a nasty surprise. My Windows 10 PC refused to update, I tried everything from using the updater to Media CreationTtool. Later I learned that the Windows 10 May Update has been blocked on merely about AMD systems.

 offers a slew of features as well as functioning improvement over the previous version Windows 10 v1903 May 2019 Update blocked yesteryear AMD Drivers

According to Microsoft, the AMD RAID drivers are playing spoilsport as well as therefore they had to temporarily block the update. This work is prominent on Windows 10 systems amongst AMD Ryzen or AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. The AMD RAID driver which supports the SATA or NVMe is responsible for the issue. Please greenback that if a user attempts to a Windows Update upgrade from Windows 10 v1809 to v1903 the update volition endure blocked.

Thankfully this is a non-blocking issue. In this article, nosotros volition enjoin y’all how to install Windows 10 v1903 on AMD systems.

Install Windows 10 v1903 on AMD systems

If y’all are withdraw trying to install from Windows 10 Oct 2018 update to Windows 10 May 2019 update brand certain y’all install the update cook AMD drivers beforehand. If y’all are trying to produce a construct clean update of Windows 10 as well as then y’all must laid upwards a removable storage device amongst update-ready AMD drivers.

You tin download as well as install AMD RAID INSTALLER driver from here.

AMD RAID Drivers on Removable Storage – For construct clean installation only

If y’all are installing a fresh re-create of Windows 10 May 2019 as well as then piece of work yesteryear on the drivers cook on a removable storage device. All y’all ask to produce is download as well as extract the AMD Driver package. You tin download it from here. This is a minimal packet as well as is real modest inward size since it alone contains the essentials.

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You may cheque out all the known issues amongst Windows 10 V1903 here.



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