Windows 10 doesn’t Start or Stops responding on Surface


Surface, the premium laptop from Microsoft, comes alongside its ain laid of issues. One of the most annoying issues is when Windows 10 doesn’t Start or if it does, thus it stops responding on Surface. It’s actually troublesome because it tin live on because of anything. In this post, nosotros are looking at a laid of a possible solution which tin assist create it. This post service volition also assist yous if if Surface won’t kick or is stuck & won’t kick by Surface screen

When yous press the start push as well as the Windows, doesn’t Start on Surface, its almost a nightmare. While nosotros are going to propose how yous tin create this, it all depends on what yous come across on the Surface.

Just earlier nosotros start brand certain to banking concern agree on ii things. First, the battery is not dead on the Surface. Second, take whatsoever external peripheral including printers, scanners, gaming controllers, external monitor, as well as microSD menu as well as take your Surface from the docking station if you’re using one. and thus on. Then press the ability push again, as well as come across if it industrial plant for you.

 One of the most annoying issues is when Windows  Windows 10 doesn’t Start or Stops responding on Surface

Windows doesn’t Start on Surface

Black, blue, other-dark-colored, or backlit screen

This occurs generally when an installation or upgrade is stuck for a long time. The covert could live on blue, spinning dots, as well as thus on. You have got ii options here. Either hold back as well as come across if it completes, or forcefulness restart to start the upgrade procedure 1 time again If yous are using an ISO / USB media tool to upgrade, thus endeavour creating some other one.

To perform a forcefulness or difficult restart, become to Start > Power > Shut downward or press as well as concur the ability push until the Slide to nigh downward your PC covert appears (about four seconds), as well as thus slide down.

If it keeps trying fifty-fifty alongside a restart, it’s best that yous reset your Surface. The same applies if yous receive Microsoft or Surface logo covert when yous press the ability button.

1] Automatic Repair screen

When yous larn this covert inwards either of the below-mentioned situations,

  • A dark covert that says Preparing Automatic Repair as well as thus Diagnosing your PC.
  • You may thus come across a bluish Automatic Repair or Recovery screen.

You volition have got several options including Automatic Repair, System Restore, as well as Reset. We would propose yous endeavour each of these options inwards the same sequence as well as come across if your reckoner reboots.

2] Firmware interface (UEFI) configuration screen

If yous come across a dark covert alongside configuration options similar the Trusted Platform Module as well as Secure Boot Control, skip making whatsoever changes through the UEFI screen. Instead, force your Surface to nigh downward as well as restart. Post this, banking concern agree for whatsoever Surface as well as Windows Update. If yous notice something new, install the updates.

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If in that location is no such screen, yous postulate to start your Surface using a recovery drive. Insert the recovery drive, thus press as well as concur the volume-down push spell yous press as well as liberate the ability button. When the Surface logo appears, liberate the volume-down button.

3] American Megatrends TPM safety options screen

When yous hitting the ability button, as well as see the American Megatrends TPM covert on your Surface, follow the steps:

  • Press F12 / Fn + F12, as well as if the reckoner boots up, only install the latest surface as well as Windows Updates.
  • If Windows doesn’t start, as well as yous larn to come across the American Megatrends TPM covert appears again, contact Microsoft Support.

4] Large thermometer icon

Surface devices are certified to work for performance at +32ºF (+0ºC) to +95ºF (+35ºC). If for some reason, the internal temperature rises the device shuts downward equally a precaution.

There is nil yous tin practice except that allow Surface cool down. If yous working inwards a real hot condition, brand certain to alter your house where its cooler.

5] Large battery icon

If yous come across a black covert alongside a large battery icon, as well as your Surface shuts downward immediately. There tin live on ii problems. One is that your battery is real low, as well as yous postulate to accuse it. Second, the battery is dead. In the minute case, yous postulate to larn it replaced.

Also, practice banking concern agree yous have got plugged inwards your charger alongside Surface correctly.

6] Red covert or ruby bar alongside Microsoft or Surface logo

When yous come across a ruby covert alongside the Surface logo on a dark background, it way yous postulate to change some settings inwards the UEFI. Before going ahead, if yous usage BitLocker, brand certain to banker’s bill downward the telephone commutation on a paper. You tin become to RecoveryKey Section, as well as sign alongside the same Microsoft describe of piece of job organization human relationship to recollect it.

  1. Search for Manage BitLocker as well as guide it from the listing of results.
  2. Select Suspend protection as well as guide Yes to confirm.
  3. Go to Start, guide Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced Startup > Restart now.
  4. In the options screem guide Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings > Restart.

When inwards the UEFI screen, brand certain TPM & Secure Boot command are enabled. Once yous brand the changes, relieve the configuration of UEFI as well as restart.

7] Large padlock icon

A dark covert alongside a large white padlock icon alongside an X on it way that in that location is a certificate mistake or a certificate is corrupted. Try to resolve this alongside a forcefulness shutdown the Surface as well as thus plough it dorsum on.

  • Press as well as concur the ability push on your Surface for xxx seconds as well as thus liberate it. In representative the covert flashes, give-up the ghost on to concur downward the ability push for the total xxx seconds.
  • Then press the ability button, to plough the Surface dorsum on. If it does, thus banking concern agree for updates, inwards representative it doesn’t, yous postulate to Send your Surface inwards for service.
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If fifty-fifty later all the troubleshooting, Windows doesn’t Start on Surface, its best to accept to the service center.

 One of the most annoying issues is when Windows  Windows 10 doesn’t Start or Stops responding on Surface

Windows stops responding on Surface

If yous are looking at the frozen covert of Windows 10 on your Surface device – thenm good – get-go forcefulness shutdown, as well as thus start Surface again. Once yous log dorsum in, let’s non practice anything except for what nosotros propose yous do. Just earlier nosotros start to have got a few things ready.

  • Printers, scanners, game controllers, external monitors, as well as TV. Disconnect everything.
  • If yous usage BitLocker, brand certain to banker’s bill downward the telephone commutation on a paper. You tin become to RecoveryKey Section here, as well as sign alongside the same Microsoft describe of piece of job organization human relationship to recollect it.
  • If yous have got Surface Book, brand certain to clean the connectors.

1] Surface is stuck on the Logo

If Windows doesn’t response when Surface is turned on or wake from slumber or gets stuck on the Surface Logo, thus yous postulate to perform the Automatic Repair. 

2] Surface is Frozen

No thing how much keyboard press yous brand on the Surface or usage the touch, nil happens. In this case, force restart Surface, as well as if yous larn the choice to perform some repair, practice it.

3] Windows ofttimes stops responding on Surface

Lastly, if nil else works, yous may postulate to banking concern agree if in that location is a hardware issue.

You tin run the Memory diagnostic tool as well as Error Checking tool to notice out hardware number on the Surface. Memory Diagnostic Tool checks for possible retentivity problems, including testing of the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer. While Disk Error Checking tool tin banking concern agree for difficult disk issues Its also popularly called equally chkdsk command describe tool.

4] Uninstall Recently installed app(s)

If the number started later a recent app installation, uninstall it. Then banking concern agree if the number is resolved for you. If this the case, yous postulate to arrive deport on either alongside the makers of the software as well as study them.

Microsoft Device as well as Service Repair Center

If the tips don’t help, accept it to the Microsoft device as well as service repair pump as well as submit a service request. I am certain that they volition live on able to assist yous out.



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