Windows 10 1903 New features for IT Pros


Windows 10 1903 May 2019 update is the latest in addition to the greatest major update for Windows 10 from Microsoft. It lately made Generally Available to the users. It brings alongside it several novel features, in addition to in that place are a release of major features in addition to enhancements released for information technology Professionals. The matter that is worth noting that these novel features are a boon for information technology Professionals in addition to are shipped to everyone alongside the novel loose of Windows 10 1903 May 2019 update. These novel features are built to upgrade the deployment, accessibility, security, in addition to other functions of the Windows 10 operating system. In this article, nosotros volition move discussing them.

Windows 10 1903 New features for information technology Pros

We stimulate got already taken a expect at the novel features inwards Windows 10 v1903. Today, nosotros volition move discussing the novel features for information technology Pros inwards Windows 10 v1903 inwards the next areas:

  1. Deployment.
  2. Servicing.
  3. Security.
  4. Microsoft Edge.

1] Deployment

 update is the latest in addition to the greatest major update for Windows  Windows 10 1903 New features for information technology Pros

  • Reserved Storage: You tin learn to a greater extent than almost Reserved Storage inwards our guide.
  • Windows Autopilot: Windows Autopilot is a collection of tools that volition enable the System Administrator to gear upwardly pre-configured devices. Microsoft has introduced Windows Autopilot for white glove development, tracking of Intune Management Extensions, Cortana voiceover in addition to oral communication recognition disabled past times default, Diagnostics information flat to move laid Full past times default.
  • Windows 10 Subscription Activation: Support for the Windows 10 Education edition has been added to Windows 10 Subscription Activation.
  • SetupDiag: SetupDiag is based on the ascendance describe of piece of employment in addition to is used to diagnose why a Windows 10 update failed past times scanning Windows Setup log files. In this release, SetupDiag has been updated to version 1.4.1.
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2] Servicing

  • Delivery Optimization: Some novel policies stimulate got been enabled to improve Peer Efficiency. It at 1 time supports Office 365 ProPlus updates in addition to Intune content. More capabilities are coming soon.
  • Automatic Restart Sign-on (ARSO): Windows 10 tin at 1 time automatically login every bit the user in addition to lock the device when completing the installation of an update.
  • Windows Update for Business: The SAC-T designation is at 1 time removed. Now, in that place volition move a single, mutual starting fourth dimension appointment for phased deployments.
  • Update rollback improvements: If a startup failure is introduced afterwards the installation of an operating organization or driver update, you lot tin at 1 time automatically recover past times removing the updates.
  • Pause updates: Both characteristic in addition to monthly updates tin at 1 time move paused for upwardly to 35 days straight.
  • Improved update notifications: The iconography of the ability buttons inwards the Start carte du jour volition alter when you lot stimulate got a reboot pending to install an update.
  • Improved update orchestration to improve organization responsiveness: To minimize disruptions, Windows 10 volition download in addition to install updates to the operating organization or the apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store past times checking when the estimator is idle.

3] Security

  • Windows Information Protection: Auto Labeling is introduced alongside this update, which volition attention Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protocol) to extend uncovering in addition to protection of sensitive information. Learn to a greater extent than almost it here.
  • Security configuration framework: A novel taxonomy for safety configurations called SECCON framework is introduced alongside this update. Learn to a greater extent than here.
  • Intune safety baselines: This is currently inwards preview simply at 1 time supports settings past times Intune that volition attention you lot inwards fine-tuning the safety settings of a user.
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): Under this, features like Attack surface expanse reduction, Next generation protection, Platform support, in addition to more are added.
  • Microsoft Defender ATP next-gen protection technologies: Features like Advanced machine learning, Emergency outbreak protection, Certified ISO 27001 compliance, in addition to Geolocation support are added.
  • Identity Protection: FIDO2 certification, Streamlined Windows Hello PIN reset experience, Password-less Microsoft Accounts in addition to Remote Desktop alongside Biometrics will attention a user to securely login across diverse aspects of the operating organization in addition to fifty-fifty the supported websites in addition to portals.
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4] Microsoft Edge

A whole novel laid of Group Policies in addition to MDM policies stimulate got been introduced for ameliorate administration of Microsoft Edge for professionals. You tin silently at 1 time enable BitLocker for touchstone Azure Active Directory joined users. ANd alongside Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the entire Microsoft 365 sense tin move at 1 time customized.

You tin larn to a greater extent than almost these features in addition to detailed explanations here on



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