Why are Windows 10 Device Drivers still dated back to 2006?


If you lot see, you lot volition honour that nigh of the device drivers on Windows 10 are truly dated dorsum to the Windows Vista RTM date, which was June 21, 2006! This tin forcefulness out brand people wonder if the drivers on their computers are indeed the latest device drivers required for their organization to perform optimally.

Windows Vista was released agency dorsum inwards 2006 together with still, fifty-fifty subsequently a dozen of years, the device drivers inwards Windows 10 are dated dorsum to 2006. At first, this seems to hold upwards a legit lawsuit together with creates doubtfulness only about how the driver keeps supporting the evolved hardware devices but thus you lot larn to notice that the driver version is getting updated amongst the latest Windows 10 RTM construct number.

If you lot popular off to Device Manager on your Windows 10 reckoner together with cheque whatever device driver details, you’d meet the below (in nigh of the cases). The Driver appointment on all Windows-specific drivers is laid upwards to 21-06-2006 piece the version publish is inwards sync amongst the construct that you’ve installed on your PC.

Windows 10 Device Drivers are dated 2006. Why?

zac_l, a Software Engineer amongst Microsoft has taken to Reddit to explicate this anomaly.

When PNP ranks drivers, it get-go looks at the hardware ID that the driver matches. If whatever 2 drivers fit identical hardware, the get-go tiebreaker is the appointment of the driver. So if you lot had a device that could purpose a built-in driver, but you lot had installed some custom/OEM driver on your device, every fourth dimension MS updates our driver, it would overwrite your custom driver because the appointment is newer than the i you lot wanted. How produce nosotros avoid this? Every driver nosotros send has the Vista RTM date, regardless of when it was final updated (we update the version number, which is the adjacent tiebreaker if the appointment is the same). Since alone drivers equally far dorsum equally Vista are compatible amongst novel versions of Windows, every driver should direct hold a appointment newer than Vista RTM, preserving the driver you lot installed equally the best ranked driver.

So when the drivers are ranked yesteryear the organization for the underlying device, it sorts them out on the footing of dissimilar criteria.  First of all, if the driver matched the Hardware ID for the device, it becomes an eligible contender. If 2 or to a greater extent than drivers matches the hardware specification, the organization breaks the tie on the footing of Driver date. If it’s even thus a necktie on driver date, the i amongst the latest version is chosen.

Now, if you lot direct hold installed a manufacturer-provided driver for whatever device, Windows driver would supervene upon it every fourth dimension it gets updated because it would direct hold a newer driver date. This needs to hold upwards avoided inwards representative the devices are supposed to run using OEM based drivers. Hence, inwards club to avoid this province of affairs where Windows drivers outrank the manufacturer-provided drivers, Microsoft puts an older timestamp (on all of its drivers) regardless of when it was final updated. However, the version publish is updated on these Windows drivers thus that if in that place is a necktie betwixt a truly one-time OEM driver together with Windows driver, due preference is given to the i provided yesteryear Microsoft. With the newer version of Windows

With the newer version of Windows, supported drivers ranges dorsum to the Windows Vista version. That’s why every driver should direct hold a appointment newer than Windows Vista RTM appointment which thus retains the driver you lot installed equally it is ranked over whatever Windows-provided driver. So, intentionally backdating the drivers solves the occupation for users.

This is i fascinating together with uncanny solution to the province of affairs at mitt but it all industrial plant out truly good inwards the end.

Source: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/

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