What you want to know about Windows RT, including Support Lifecycle


Windows RT – Microsoft’s latest tablet hardware which stands for Windows “Runtime’ is a special version of the Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 8. It has been designed to run specifically on mobile devices, running on CPUs designed to a greater extent than or less an architecture called ARM (Advanced RISC Machine).

s latest tablet hardware which stands for Windows  What you lot desire to know most Windows RT, including Support Lifecycle

Windows RT is to a greater extent than a cut-down version of Windows that, dissimilar other versions such every bit Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Enterprise cannot hold upwards purchased from whatever store. You tin alone choke it yesteryear buying a device that has RT pre-installed inward it, similar Microsoft Surface RT.

Windows RT Features

The brand-new Windows RT operating organisation is consummate alongside features together with drivers, making it a worthy challenger to iPad. Despite existence a stripped-down version of Windows, It carries to a greater extent than of the pre-Windows 8 functionality. It includes BitLocker, the total desk encryption tool. The tool ensures your information is secure together with security fifty-fifty if the device gets stolen. And it is switched ON yesteryear default. iPad doesn’t feature whatever information protection machinery every bit such.

On the downside, RT does non run whatever Desktop applications other than the ones that come upwards bundled alongside it. The Desktop inward Windows RT isn’t the total Desktop environment, but only plenty of it to run the pre-installed Office RT together with Internet Explorer 10 RT.

Applications such every bit Adobe Photoshop together with Microsoft Outlook produce non run on Windows RT. Moreover, Windows RT does come upwards bundled alongside Office Home & Student 2013 RT, but it doesn’t include Outlook. Other features non included inward Windows RT are Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, together with domain joining (which form of kills it for firm users).

Although RT version lacks many apps its Office is almost sufficient to build for the apps available for Apple together with Android devices. It includes Office 2013’s Word, PowerPoint together with Excel. Moreover, at that spot is a version of Internet Explorer that lets you lot catch Flash sites.

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You tin read to a greater extent than inward especial most the Windows RT OS in Mark Minas recent newsletter article – 28 Days Under the Surface: Running Windows RT on Microsoft’s New Tablet. Although the article primarily focuses on the tech writer’s sense alongside the Surface RT, it has a wealth of information most Windows RT.

Windows RT Product Lifecycle

Meanwhile Microsoft has revealed when the production life cycle ends for Windows RT. As per the life cycle conventions, each version of Windows is divided into following,

  1. Mainstream support – First stage of the production which covers security every bit good every bit non-security updates for the OS.
  2. The Extended Support – Covers security every bit good every bit non-security updates for the OS together with the paid back upwards every bit well.
s latest tablet hardware which stands for Windows  What you lot desire to know most Windows RT, including Support Lifecycle

Earlier versions of Windows such every bit Windows XP together with Windows Vista are currently inward the Extended Support Phase piece Windows 8 falls nether Mainstream Support phase.

Windows RT: Not notwithstanding communicated.

Surface alongside Windows RT: Mainstream back upwards terminate appointment 11.4.2017, Extended back upwards terminate date: non applicable.

Via TechNet.

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