What is Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe?


What is this winlogon.exe? Where is it located? Is it a virus? Why does it eat high CPU on Windows 10 at times as well as what yous produce most this? Now if yous opened upwards the Windows Task Manager, yous may run into a procedure winlogon.exe. This is the Windows Logon Application, as well as it is a Windows operating arrangement file located inwards the System32 folder.

Windows Logon Application (winlogon.exe)

 Why does it eat high CPU on Windows  What is Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe?

The Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe is a crucial procedure for a Windows system. It runs inwards the background as well as rarely interferes amongst normal surgery of the system. It performs critical tasks acre signing on to the system. The procedure helps inwards recognizing the exact sign-in concern human relationship (for dissimilar users) as well as loads that user’s profile into the registry. It too manages the “secure attending sequence.” The secure attending sequence is a machinery which mandates users to press CTRL+ALT+DEL earlier logging inwards to systems. This helps inwards identifying that no cyber-hacker or programme is impersonating the sign-in page, hence assuring yous of a prophylactic login.

Where is winlogon.exe located

Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe is located inwards the C:\Windows\System32 folder, where C: is your arrangement drive.

Is winlogon.exe a virus

Many cyber-criminals mimic genuine arrangement applications acre creating virus or malware, as well as so they croak undetected. Thus, it is possible that closed to virus or malware could agree the same get upwards every bit Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe. This could locomote checked every bit follows: right-click on the chore as well as select Open location. The master copy place of the Windows Logon Application chore is C:\Windows\System32 (where C: is your arrangement drive). In instance it is located elsewhere it could good locomote malware. The best proposition would locomote to run a total arrangement anti-malware scan.

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Winlogon.exe consuming high CPU

At times the procedure may eat high CPU or other resources. If yous confront this resultant often, run System File Checker inwards Safe Mode.

Can I disable the Windows Logon Application

While I run into no argue for anyone to disable the Windows Logon Application, terminating the procedure would crash your system. The procedure is critical to the arrangement as well as needs to locomote running all the time.

 Why does it eat high CPU on Windows  What is Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe?

If yous effort to halt the winlogon.exe process, the arrangement volition introduce a alarm stating “Windows volition drive Windows to croak unusable or closed down.” If yous proceed despite the warning, the arrangement volition dark out, as well as the entirely means to revive it would locomote to ability it OFF as well as restart it.

If the arrangement is unable to charge the winlogon.exe file upon the side past times side startup, yous volition larn the blueish enshroud error 0xC000021A. If yous cause got already made the mistake, yous could follow this guide to fix STOP 0XC000021A, STATUS SYSTEM PROCESS TERMINATED error.

Trust this helps!

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