Turn off Facebook Nearby Friends alert and notification


A novel characteristic Nearby Friends has been built into Facebook’s mobile app. The social network claims, it would allow Facebook users to honour or locate which of their friends are unopen past times in addition to assistance them to adjust a encounter up.

 it would allow Facebook users to honour or locate which of their friends are unopen past times in addition to h Turn off Facebook Nearby Friends warning in addition to notification

Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ is intended to assistance friends encounter offline exactly sums upwards the Definition of the feature. It uses the geo-location applied scientific discipline inward user’s smart telephone to create upwards one’s heed when he or she is around whatever of his or her Facebook friends. He is hence live on notified occasionally if whatever of his friends included inward the grouping is inward unopen vicinity. For instance, when you’re headed to the movies, Nearby Friends volition allow yous know if friends are nearby hence yous tin consider the moving painting together or encounter upwards thereafter.

The characteristic is soundless optional. This implies, yous tin conduct it to live on ‘ON’ should yous wishing to participate inward action allowing yous to percentage your precise location alongside friends. Users who produce non wishing to activate Nearby Friends won’t live on affected inward whatever way. It’s simply that they would live on requested to confine their urge from sharing or receiving whatever location information from others on the platform.

A minor tutorial stands create to guide yous on every theme pertaining to the characteristic use. At first, it advises yous to select the groups on Facebook alongside which yous would desire to percentage your location since, yous can’t percentage your location alongside Blue Planet or alongside friends of friends. It is express exclusively to friends or other groups that yous convey created.

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Also, yous won’t instantly live on able to consider a friend’s exact location or pinpoint exact coordinates. The app fails to specify a distance closer than 0.5 miles, but tin readily discovery people at furthest distance. Nearby Friends tin boom your exact location to a friend, exclusively if yous conduct to percentage the location on a map for a laid upwards amount of fourth dimension (until noon).

Upon selecting the option, yous friend volition live on inward seat to access your exact location inward real-time. It is specially noteworthy to get upwards hither that ane time switched on, the characteristic won’t live on turned off automatically. It volition exceed along to broadcast your location until deactivated manually turned off.

Turn off Facebook Nearby Friends

To plough Nearby Friends on or off on an iPhone or Android:

  1. Tap More
  2. Tap Nearby Friends
  3. Tap Settings icon
  4. Tap Location Sharing.

To plough force notifications on or off for Nearby Friends on iPhone or Android:

  1. Tap More
  2. Select Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push
  3. Choose whether to plough force notifications for Nearby Friends on or off.

Facebook besides addresses the fears of users over sharing information nigh the places they view most often. It could live on frightening for some, isn’t it? Worry not! Facebook assures, users at whatever betoken tin delete this information from the Facebook servers past times clearing their action inside settings of the app. Currently, the social network explains, ‘Nearby Friends’ is exclusively rolled out inward the United States, but volition live on coming out to users inward the close future, soon. Nothing surprising, equally this is the approach the social network giant adopts whenever it integrates novel features or implements novel products.

Source: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/

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