Track kids location and Monitor app usage on Android


Smartphones stimulate got become a necessity these days. While yous tin restrain squall upwards usage for your kids when they are young, but equally they grow, it becomes necessary to mitt them over a squall upwards then yous tin contact them or they tin acquire dorsum to yous inward illustration of emergency. It’s a necessary evil, as well as Android doesn’t offering anything which industrial plant on a Family marking similar Microsoft Family. In this post, nosotros are sharing how yous can Track kids place as well as monitor app usage on Andriod Smartphones.

Android as well as Microsoft Family

Microsoft right away has tons of apps available on Android Platform.  One of the most used apps is the Microsoft Launcher. Just earlier nosotros start, Microsoft has a Family Safety feature which industrial plant across devices. It allows parents to rail kids usage on PC as well as Xbox.  The companionship has smartly integrated this characteristic on the launcher (which industrial plant alongside Microsoft Account) then yous tin role it to rail kids place as well as monitor app usage on Andriod.

Track kids place & monitor app usage on Andriod

Now that yous stimulate got setup your kid inward Microsoft Family, yous tin role the same Microsoft trouble concern human relationship inward the Launcher. We propose yous stimulate got your kid inward confidence alongside security concern inward detail. It’s ever a proficient sentiment to convince them close its importance then they don’t take the launcher from their phone. There is no means to restrain it.

Setting upwards Microsoft Launcher for tracking kids location

  • On your kid’s phone, install the Microsoft launcher as well as sign-in alongside his Microsoft Account.
  • You volition stimulate got to follow the commons steps to hand permission to the app.
  • The side yesteryear side stride is to set the Microsoft Launcher equally the default launcher UI.
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  • There is no means to plow off tracking i time the setup is consummate on your child’s phone.
  • The squall upwards should stimulate got working cyberspace excogitation as well as place settings prepare to on.

How to rail location?

  1. Open Microsoft Family Page yesteryear going to your Microsoft Account.
  2. Under your Kids Name, select More Options > Find Anant on Map (Anant is the advert of my Kid)
  3. This volition stimulate got yous to the place tracking page.
  4. At this page, toggle on the pick which says “See my child’s place on mapSmartphones stimulate got become a necessity these days Track kids place as well as Monitor app usage on Android
  5. Right later on this, Microsoft launcher volition inquire yous to hand permission to rail app usage equally well. Make certain to let it.

How to monitor app usage alongside Microsoft Launcher

Now that yous stimulate got given permission, yous tin right away cash inward one’s chips to Activity details of your Child’s trouble concern human relationship as well as monitor the usage. It takes a spell for the activities to appear. So, if yous stimulate got only prepare it, hand it roughly time. You volition shortly stimulate got a report including which apps are accessed as well as fourth dimension spent on each app.

Smartphones stimulate got become a necessity these days Track kids place as well as Monitor app usage on Android

As yous tin run across inward the to a higher identify image, in that place is no means to block apps for now. I am guessing Microsoft powerfulness convey this characteristic if they innovate app locking through the Microsoft Launcher. That tin hold out the exclusively means to block apps. Smartphones stimulate got become a necessity these days Track kids place as well as Monitor app usage on Android

Browsing Control:

If yous desire to add together the same form of restriction for browsing equally yous stimulate got assault PC, for your kid, yous volition ask to install Edge. Make certain to sign-in alongside kid account. Further, yous tin uninstall Chrome.

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As it is non a consummate solution, nosotros would propose yous role App Lock on your kid phone. Once yous larn which app is used, as well as it should hold out restricted, yous tin get-go locking downwardly those apps. I would highly recommend yous to lock the Google Play shop then no extra apps tin hold out installed on the phone. You tin ever create it on your child’s behalf.



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