The Overlay Icons in Windows explained


You may accept noticed several icons inward your Windows operating organisation which accept an overlay icon on it. This could live the close mutual overlay arrow icon, which indicates that the icon is a shortcut icon; or it could live a padlock icon, which would betoken that yous accept a someone detail inward a non-private directory.

You may accept noticed several icons inward your Windows operating organisation which accept an overlay  The Overlay Icons inward Windows explained

Overlay icons inward Windows

Here is a listing of icon overlays that come upward amongst Windows 7:

  • Small arrow: This is the shortcut overlay.
  • Lock icon: A lock indicates a someone detail inward a non-private directory. It could live a file or folder amongst especial permissions.
  • Downward pointing bluish arrow: This agency that the file is all the same to live written to a CD.
  • H5N1 span of light-green swirly arrows: This indicates that the detail is available offline.
  • Gray X: The file has been archived to a Tape.
  • Shield: This agency that the plan requires elevation to run together with that a UAC prompt may appear.
  • 2 arrows: Two small-scale bluish arrows on the exceed correct corner of the icon indicates a compressed file or folder.

The Sharing Hand is no longer acquaint every bit an overlay, together with has been removed inward favor of the someone overlay. The reason?

Given the changes inward how people role computers, sharing data is becoming to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than of the default state. When yous develop a HomeGroup, pretty much everything is going to live shared. To take the visual clutter, the data was moved to the Details pane. What’s more, a unmarried overlay cannot limited the dissimilar ways an detail tin live shared, hence inward monastic enjoin to figure out what the bargain is, yous accept to become to the Details pane anyway.

The Offline files swirly arrow also has been removed as, based on client feedback, it was considered every bit “unnecessarily noisy” Now they are shown exclusively on the rootage of the folder that is pinned.

Says Microsoft,

Overlays are non a proficient way of presenting data because at that topographic point tin live exclusively i overlay per icon, together with at that topographic point is a limit of xv overlays per ImageList. If at that topographic point are 2 or to a greater extent than overlays which apply to an item, together with hence i volition win together with the others volition lose, at which dot the value of the overlay every bit a way of determining what properties apply to an detail diminishes…

This agency that if to a greater extent than than 2 overlay icons desire to live seen, together with hence exclusively i volition live seen. Whichever software is installed last, is probable to larn the overlay icon space.

The next registry primal volition demonstrate yous all currently installed overlay handlers, on your Windows computer, says Microsoft:


There appears to live no modify inward Windows 10, together with it does seem that Microsoft wants people to deed away from overlay icons.

Have yous come upward across whatsoever to a greater extent than overlay icons or accept whatsoever additional data on them? Please create share!

UPDATE 26th May 2016: It is my policy to ever link to sources. Certain ‘inappropriate’ comments accept been made using my lift ‘Anand Khanse’ elsewhere. I wishing to country that they accept non been made past times me but past times someone else. I repeat, this postal service HAS been sourced from Microsoft – similar close of the content on this site – together with I accept confirmation from Microsoft that this postal service tin stay.

Thank you, Peter, for bringing for certain issues relating to this postal service to my notice.


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