The dependency service failed to start on Windows 10


Windows runs a lot of programs inwards the background every bit Services. Some Windows Services depend on around other service to work. It is like to how 1 region inwards a fellowship demand attention of around other region to consummate its job. When a service fails amongst an mistake message — The dependency service or group failed to start, it agency that a related service is non running or has failed to start. In this post, nosotros are looking at diverse scenarios, in addition to exhibit you lot how to resolve this issue.

Windows runs a lot of programs inwards the background every bit Services The dependency service failed to showtime on Windows 10

How to detect dependencies of a Windows Service

Windows runs a lot of programs inwards the background every bit Services The dependency service failed to showtime on Windows 10

To find the Dependencies of a Windows Service, you lot demand to open Windows Services Manager, choose the service inwards question, right-click on it, in addition to choose Properties. Switch to the Dependencies tab. Here you lot tin run into a listing of services on which this service depend in addition to other services which depend on this service.

The dependency service failed to start

If you lot have this mistake message, brand certain that all the Services, on which this service is subject on, is started in addition to running. If not, Start or Restart the service manually, subsequently right-clicking on the dependency service.

Windows runs a lot of programs inwards the background every bit Services The dependency service failed to showtime on Windows 10

We bring discussed below in addition to linked to specific posts that verbalize over specific scenarios:

1] Windows could non the showtime Peer Networking Grouping Service

It occurs amongst Homegroup functionality inwards Windows. You demand to brand certain related services, i.e., Peer Name Resolution Protocol, Peer Networking Grouping, Peer Networking Identity Manager, in addition to PNRP Machine Name Publication Service are running. More on how to solve it using Homegroup troubleshooter, MachineKeys in addition to more.

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2] Print Spooler Service Error 1068, The dependency service or grouping failed to start

Responsible for managing all impress jobs in addition to handles, it fails amongst Error 1068. It’s because the related services —Remote Procedure Control (RPC) Service in addition to HTTP Service are non running. You tin develop them using Printer Troubleshooter, Registry edit, in addition to more.

3] Windows Firewall service does non start

If you lot have mistake messages such every bit Windows Firewall is non the default firewall or Windows could non showtime the Windows Firewall, it tin survive because of multiple reasons. An Antivirus, corrupt organisation files, stopped Windows Firewall Authorization Driver (mdsdrv.sys).

4] Windows could non showtime the WLAN AutoConfig Service

WLAN AutoConfig service is needed to brand certain the meshwork is working correctly on Windows 10.

5] The Print Spooler Service is non running

The mistake occurs when the local Print Spooler service is non running. You demand to restart the impress spooler service in addition to develop it.

6] The Audio Service is non running

When the well service doesn’t run, you lot volition run into a ruby X order on the Speaker icon inwards the Notification Area. When you lot hover over the icon, you lot run into a message The Audio Service is non running on your Windows 10/8/7 computer. Read to a greater extent than inwards our remove to develop it.

7] Windows Event Log Service non starting or is unavailable

Windows Event Log service maintains a laid of number logs that the system, organisation components, in addition to applications utilisation to tape events. These longs are in addition to therefore sent to Microsoft for farther analysis in addition to detect a solution. If it’s non upward in addition to running, you lot volition bring to banking concern represent on  Task Scheduler, Windows Event Calendar, in addition to Messenger Sharing Folders to detect a solution.

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I am certain at that topographic point are tons of service related issues on Windows 10. If you lot bring faced any, allow us know inwards the comments.

TIP: This postal service volition attention you lot if Windows Services produce non start.



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