Sysinternals Sysmon for Windows: Monitor Windows System Health


Microsoft offers a plethora of useful tool for terminate users that tin last used to tweak, play, troubleshoot, diagnose, secure or produce anything amongst the Windows operating system. Sysinternals System Monitor (Sysmon), is 1 such newly released tool designed for Windows based reckoner which collects all arrangement log files. These log files are rattling of import in addition to crucial to empathise issues pertaining to Windows. Sysmon 1 time installed keeps running inwards the background every bit dormant in addition to tin last brought dorsum to life when required.

Sysmon System Monitor for Windows

The basic workflow behind System Monitor, is that it stores data from Windows Event Collection (Event Viewer) in addition to Security Information in addition to Event Management (SIEM) agents similar procedure IDs, GUIDs, SHA1, MD5 (SHA256) hash logs. It stores all these files nether Applications in addition to Services\logs\Microsoft\Windows\Sysmon\operational folder inwards Windows Vista in addition to higher operating systems similar Windows 8 in addition to Windows 7, in addition to under System effect log in older Windows operating systems similar Windows XP.

Microsoft offers a plethora of useful tool for terminate users that tin last used to tweak Sysinternals Sysmon for Windows: Monitor Windows System Health

How to install System Monitor

  • Download Sysmon [download link provided below]
  • Downloaded file volition last inwards zippo format. Unzip the file using windows default file extractor or endeavor Winrar, 7zip etc
  • Once the file is unzipped, run “Sysmon” bring the EULA in addition to hitting next.
  • Wait for System, Monitor to consummate installation, that’s all !

How to purpose Sysmon

The dominance delineate of piece of occupation inwards sysmon tin last used to install, uninstall, banking concern stand upwardly for in addition to to tweak System Monitor’s configuration:

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Install:    Sysmon.exe -i [-h [sha1|md5|sha256]] [-n]

Configure:  Sysmon.exe -c [[-h [sha1|md5|sha256]] [-n]|–]

Uninstall:  Sysmon.exe –u

Few commands that user involve to empathise are:

i: install service in addition to driver programs

-n: stores network connector logs

-u: uninstall service in addition to driver programs

-c: it updates installed sysmon driver on the reckoner or helps to dump electrical current configuration  settings available

-h: It specifies algorithm applied to the programme [by default SHA1 is applied]


  • To install application amongst default settings:sysmon -i accepteulawithout quotes [SHA1 default]
  • To install application amongst MD5 [SHA256] settings:sysmon -i accepteula –h md5 -n”  
  • To uninstallsysmon -u

System Monitor stores events similar Event IDs as,

  • Event ID 1: Used for Process Creation,
  • Event ID 2: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Process changed a file creation fourth dimension amongst timestamp and
  • Event ID 3: For Network Connection.

The tool volition expire along running inwards the background in addition to volition write all effect logs into a folder. After install or uninstall a arrangement reboot is non all required.

It is a must get got tool for all computers running on Windows. Go take in System Monitor tool from here!

UPDATE: Microsoft Sysinternals Sysmon straightaway also records procedure activeness to the Windows effect log for purpose yesteryear incident detection in addition to forensic analysis, includes driver charge in addition to icon charge events amongst signature information, configurable hashing algorithm reporting, flexible filters for including in addition to excluding events, in addition to back upwardly for supplying configuration via a configuration file instead of the dominance line.


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