Supercharge Windows Clipboard using ClipboardFusion clipboard manager freeware


We re-create a lot of information on our Windows computers. Did it ever direct house alongside you lot that you lot wanted to access something that you lot copied earlier? Well, a well-defined category of software is available to exercise such tasks. And the category is clipboard managing director software. In this post, we’ve covered a complimentary in addition to to a greater extent than importantly a useful clipboard managing director called ClipboardFusion. It is a complimentary clipboard managing director for Windows 10/8/7 that tin hold history, take text formatting, run powerful macros, supervene upon clipboard text, in addition to more!

ClipboardFusion review

The tool is offered inwards both complimentary in addition to premium variants, in addition to this ship service is going to utter nearly complimentary features only. The complimentary variant entirely lacks a few features such equally automatic triggers in addition to sync across computers. These features are non thence of import for a normal user, in addition to the complimentary variant gets the chore done.

ClipboardFusion integrates good alongside Windows, in addition to it starts recording your clipboard history equally presently equally you lot install it. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 organization tray icon is e’er available, which makes the tool fifty-fifty to a greater extent than accessible in addition to useful. You tin correct click on the organization tray icon in addition to opened upward the actual clipboard manager.

We re-create a lot of information on our Windows computers Supercharge Windows Clipboard using ClipboardFusion clipboard managing director freeware

Once opened, you lot tin sentiment all the items that you lot copied inwards the past. You tin sentiment them, sentiment their timestamps, re-create them over again in addition to exercise a lot more. There is also an alternative available that volition allow you lot search through your clipboard history. Search is a rattling of import aspect here. Because if you lot are looking for something that you lot copied quite unopen to fourth dimension ago, the search is entirely going to help.

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Another of import in addition to useful characteristic is the bookmarks. You tin right-click whatever especial inwards your history in addition to pick out the Pin alternative to bookmark it. Bookmarked items are available nether a split tab in addition to tin also live on searched or cleared from there.

If you lot mean value history is getting cluttered, you lot tin take all the items at once. Or you lot tin manually right-click whatever especial in addition to take it from the history.

ClipboardFusion does non entirely stores clipboard history of text items, but it also maintains a history of copied images. So, if you lot copied an picture onetime in addition to forgot to glue it, you lot tin recollect it using this tool.

The tool is quite customizable. There are a ton of settings available that you lot tin tweak in addition to personalize this tool. If you lot larn to settings, in addition to thence nether Clipboard Manager you lot tin discovery a few settings to alter the conduct of the primary window. You tin enable setting such equally croak along Clipboard Manager opened upward fifty-fifty afterwards losing focus. Or you lot tin pick out the default tab that opens alongside the primary window.

We re-create a lot of information on our Windows computers Supercharge Windows Clipboard using ClipboardFusion clipboard managing director freeware

Moving on to Clipboard History, hither you lot tin determine the duration afterwards which the tool should clear the history. Alternately you lot tin also configure a maximum publish of items that should live on at that topographic point inwards the clipboard at whatever instance.

The Tray Icon Settings lets you lot configure the organization tray icon. You tin purpose the night icon to larn alongside your night subject of Windows. And you lot tin configure the notification settings. The plan shoots a notification whenever you lot re-create something or perform an activity related to the tool. You tin disable these notifications if you lot would like. Also, you lot tin configure what happens when you lot click the organization tray icon? By default, it is ready to Toggle Trigger Command on/off in addition to tin live on customized easily.

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ClipboardFusion is a dandy complimentary Clipboard Manager. It silently sits inwards the organization tray in addition to does its job. You tin e’er come upward dorsum to the tool whenever you lot are looking for something that you lot copied before sometime. The complimentary variant gives you lot to a greater extent than than plenty features in addition to you lot tin download it from here. It is also available on the Microsoft Store equally a UWP app.



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