Smart Taskbar is a free Dual or Multi monitor software to manage multiple displays


The best role of Windows 10 is the way it manages multiple monitors. Multiple displays tending us arrive at much to a greater extent than existent estate too also popular off to a greater extent than productive at work. In fact, multiple displays are a must for approximately professionals similar Graphic designers too video editors. In this segment, nosotros review Ultramon Smart Taskbar, a complimentary to job dual monitor software that helps Windows users alongside multiple display management.

Dual or multiple monitor software

The native options to deal multiple screens on Windows are express too fourth dimension consuming to use. The tertiary political party tools non exclusively offering meliorate shortcuts, only they also tending inwards managing the taskbar too other UI elements on the instant screen.

Features similar taskbar extender volition tending you lot motility too deal taskbar on a secondary display.

Smart Taskbar for Windows 10

 is the way it manages multiple monitors Smart Taskbar is a complimentary Dual or Multi monitor software to deal multiple displays

Ultramon Smart Taskbar offers ii modes, mirror mode, too criterion mode. In default mode, all taskbars demo all opened upwards applications. If you lot desire the taskbar to demo applications inwards that detail monitor, you lot demand to shift to criterion mode.

To switch to criterion way follow the steps below

  1. Open UltraMon
  2. Click on UltraMon Options
  3. Click on Taskbar Extensions
  4. Change Mode to Standard

As you lot mightiness accept already noticed, vertical taskbars cant hold upwards resized to the width of the application icons. However, this tin sack hold upwards fixed past times using the “Enable Thinner Vertical Taskbars” option. With this selection enabled, you lot volition hold upwards able to resize vertical taskbars according to your preference.

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How to take away taskbar on multi monitors

Ultramon Smart Taskbar lets you lot take away the outset push from secondary taskbars or from all taskbars. You tin sack also conduct to cover the taskbar from a specific monitor. This tin sack hold upwards done past times clicking on UltraMon Options> Ignored Monitors.

Using Ultramon Smart Taskbar on Windows 7

 is the way it manages multiple monitors Smart Taskbar is a complimentary Dual or Multi monitor software to deal multiple displays

The user interface too features offered past times Ultramon Smart taskbar on Windows vii are slightly different. Standard Mode agency the taskbar volition exclusively demo applications opened upwards on that detail monitor. Needless to say, if you lot motility an application to a dissimilar monitor, too then the taskbar volition hold upwards moved along alongside the application.

Meanwhile, the mirror way volition demo a mutual taskbar on both the monitors. It is worth mentioning that UltraMon doesn’t supersede the Windows taskbar; instead, it adds an additional taskbar. This agency you lot tin sack conduct to job Windows vii taskbar on i display field using UltraMon taskbar on the other.

Visit the homepage to download Smart Bar for Windows.



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