Reliability Monitor not updating or working in Windows 10


Reliability Monitor is a built-in tool works life inwards Windows systems. It provides a solar daytime to solar daytime snapshot of the wellness of your system. Thus, it warns you lot of whatever impending disaster earlier your arrangement lastly breaks down. Although useful, Reliability Monitor tin plow over notice sometimes deportment erroneously. For instance, it may neglect to demo whatever updates fifty-fifty though when they are installed. If you lot sense such flawed surgical physical care for of Reliability Monitor inwards Windows 10, here’s how to expire it fixed.

 It provides a solar daytime to solar daytime snapshot of the wellness of your arrangement Reliability Monitor non updating or working inwards Windows 10

Reliability Monitor non updating or working

When you lot opened upwards the Reliability Monitor application in addition to discovery that it is is non showing information or don’t encounter it generating whatever reports, here’s what you lot demand to create to create the issue.

  1. Enable Data Collection for Reliability Monitor
  2. Reset Reliability Monitor

The inwards a higher house actions when executed volition create the Reliability Monitor.

1] Enable Data Collection for Reliability Monitor

Reliability Monitor uses information provided past times the RAC Agent scheduled task. Reliability Monitor volition offset displaying a Stability Index rating in addition to specific lawsuit information 24 hours afterwards arrangement installation.

The RACAgent scheduled draw of piece of job runs past times default afterwards the operating arrangement is installed. If it is disabled, it must live enabled manually from the Task Scheduler snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC). So you lot demand to enable Data Collection for Reliability Monitor.

2] Reset Reliability Monitor

If Reliability Monitor is non working, you lot may Reset the Reliability Monitor in addition to encounter if it helps.

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If Reliability Monitor is already open, thence unopen in addition to reopen it. After a reset, Reliability Monitor may get got upwards to 24 hours to display results again.

After you lot get got tried out ane of the ii procedures mentioned inwards a higher house successfully, the Reliability Monitor should live working properly.



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