Open With Enhanced: An advanced free replacement for your Windows Open With menu


The Open With dialog box inwards Windows right-click context card lets a user specify the directory, cite of the file or files to open. Despite existence such an indispensable tool, it lacks many enhancement features that tin become far to a greater extent than user-friendly. Also, in that location may last a illustration where Windows may neglect to display a suitable application for the file/files to open.

click context card lets a user specify the directory Open With Enhanced: An advanced gratis replacement for your Windows Open With menu

Open With Enhanced is a freeware that replaces the master copy Windows Open with dialog box yesteryear a to a greater extent than comprehensive, improved in addition to easy-to-use dialog box.

This novel freeware propose many pop applications that successfully opened upward a detail file type. The listing of the applications provided yesteryear it is based on a constantly –updated database, automatically downloaded from the web. Open With Enhanced constantly updates metadata base of operations downloaded from spider web in addition to extends the listing of applications displayed yesteryear Open With dialog alongside most pop applications selected yesteryear past users.

The freeware provides in-depth information nearly file associations in addition to gives the choice to take away or disable them.

The best purpose is that if a programme is non installed on your computer, it also recommends from the Internet. The freeware displays both, installed in addition to uninstalled applications separately yesteryear applying color code to the listing that makes it easier to spot departure betwixt the two. The applications marked inwards red are non constitute on the system.

If i is interested inwards installing a suggested application, only click on the icon of the application to install it instantaneously. This action when executed, provides yous alongside the choice to either larn redirected to the website of the developer or opened upward the executable file on your local difficult drive.

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click context card lets a user specify the directory Open With Enhanced: An advanced gratis replacement for your Windows Open With menu

In addition, Open With Enhanced includes several extra handy options:

  • Change the icon associated alongside each file type
  • Remove or disable file association
  • Clear the Open With menu
  • Autofill file type description for novel associations alongside the most pop ones.

Open With Enhanced is compatible alongside all Windows x86 in addition to x64 , and respects UAC settings.

You tin download Open With Enhanced Freeware from here.

Go hither if yous take to take away unwanted programs inwards the Open With box.



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