Microsoft releases “NoSQL and Windows Azure platform” Whitepaper


Microsoft of late released a whitepaper NoSQL together with the Windows Azure. The whitepaper provides an introduction to NoSQL database technology, together with its major subcategories.

Examination of NoSQL technologies available inward the cloud using Windows Azure together with SQL Azure; together with a critical give-and-take of the NoSQL together with relational database approaches, including the suitability of each to line-of-business application development, convey too been discussed.

It is an interesting whitepaper equally it tries to speak most the “NoSQL” i.e. NO RELATIONAL DATABASES.

Relational databases convey ever been criticized equally they are less scalable. Non-relational ┬ádata stores collectively categorized equally “NoSQL” convey garnered the attention.┬áThese databases are oft employed inward public, massively scaled Web site scenarios, where traditional database features thing less, together with fast fetching of relatively unproblematic information sets matters most. Many of these databases utilise parallelized inquiry mechanisms, horizontal partitioning together with permit storage of heterogeneous, loosely-schematized information records.

There are 4 sub-categories of NoSQL :

  1. Key-Value Stores
  2. Document Stores
  3. Wide Column Stores
  4. Graph Databases

Each of the higher upward mentioned sub-category has been clearly defined inward this whitepaper. Besides this it too talks most Windows Azure cloud stack. Glimpse of it is shown inward the figure:

Microsoft of late released a whitepaper  Microsoft releases “NoSQL together with Windows Azure platform” Whitepaper

In unproblematic words, this whitepaper is intended for  developers, analyst together with architects who are ever looking for non-relational storage which is highly scalable together with efficient.

Download the whitepaper from Microsoft : “NoSQL together with the Windows Azure Platform”.


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