Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS for Enterprise


Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a unified platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, in addition to response. While it had been on Windows for a while, Microsoft is at i time making Windows Defender ATP for macOS equally well. However, it’s exclusively for Enterprise, in addition to it’s compatible alongside devices running macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, or macOS Sierra.

 is a unified platform for preventative protection Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS for Enterprise

Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac

Microsoft Defender is a cross-platform protection in addition to endpoint detection in addition to offers answer coverage.  Apart from all the features similar gear upward on surface reduction. Auto investigation & remediation, connected pre-breach protection,  exploit protection, deportment monitoring, it also includes Threat in addition to Vulnerability Management for macOS. It offers

  • Real-time device inventory
  • Visibility into software in addition to vulnerabilities
  • Application runtime context
  • Configuration posture

When I showtime saw the announcement, I was a chip excited thinking it was a consumer-oriented option. Sadly, it is available exclusively for enterprise, in addition to correct now, it is asking based. You tin apply alongside a travel or society electronic mail if y’all wishing to evaluate. The link lets y’all become a gratis lawsuit for Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS though y’all tin also asking for a quote.

Note: Not whatever travel electronic mail volition work. You should travel a existent concern looking for a solution.

 is a unified platform for preventative protection Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS for Enterprise

Once your application is approved, y’all tin watch the onboarding page inwards the Microsoft Defender ATP portal. Post that y’all tin install using multiple methods. Microsoft has listed the next ways to install Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS:

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Once y’all bring enabled the service, configure your network or firewall to allow outbound connections betwixt it in addition to your endpoints.

There are many enterprises where many role macOS. After all Microsoft software & services are available on macOS equally well, if travel demands, i tin role it. That’s where Microsoft Defender ATP for macOS makes sense. Enterprise tin brand certain that Macbooks become the same protection equally other Windows Machine.



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