Is Project Scarlett compatible with Oculus Rift S?


For those of you who don’t know, Project Scarlett is a new console revealed at E3 2019.

Among the mind-blowing 120 FPS, 8K resolutions, and the elimination of load speeds, the console is reportedly based on custom Ryzen Zen2 CPU and Navi GPU architecture.

Because there’s still plenty of time until the console’s 2020 launch, a lot of speculation has started emerging regarding other features this next-gen console may have.

One burning question is whether or not Project Scarlett is compatible with Oculus Rift S.

As most of you may already know, Oculus already has heavy support from Valve’s Steam and they have already made their claim on the VR market so far.

Project Scarlett and Windows Mixed Reality

While logic may dictate that Microsoft may try to push their own Windows Mixed Reality into the VR market more, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Project Scarlett would support Windows Mixed Reality exclusively.

The difference between the current Xbox hardware and Project Scarlett is that Project Scarlett will run using a universal OS called Windows Core OS.

Windows Core OS is essentially a modular platform, so any function and any device Microsoft builds for it will be compatible.

This shift from Windows API to a universal OS is due to the game industry’s tendency to shift towards building games and apps for consoles, PCs, xCloud, and VR simultaneously.

Thus, they save time by building the base software framework and applying small tweaks depending on the supported hardware, rather than creating the software on PC, then spending months porting the data to all the other platforms.

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So, is Project Scarlett compatible with Oculus Rift S?

Since Oculus Rift S requires Windows 10 as an OS and as long as Project Scarlett will run using the Windows Core OS, there should be no issue with the two of them being compatible with each other.




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