INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005 (atidxx64.dll) error when using Edge on Windows 10


Did your Edge browser cease working amongst a Stop Error INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005 (atidxx64.dll)? If thus too then this is a work amongst the outdated Graphics driver. Microsoft has acknowledged that this result exists amongst Windows 10 v1809,  Windows Server 2019, too  Windows Server, version 1809.

 If thus too then this is a work amongst the outdated Graphics driver INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005 (atidxx64.dll) mistake when using Edge on Windows 10

There is no straight agency to induce this issue, too if you lot are using a Radeon HD2000 or HD4000 serial video cards, the update volition hold upward blocked for you.  Some users may equally good sense functioning issues amongst the lock concealment or the ShellExperienceHost.  But at that topographic point is a workaround that volition assistance you lot resolve this error.

INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005 (atidxx64.dll)

The work is amongst AMD, which no longer supports Radeon HD2000 too HD4000 serial graphic processor units (GPUs). While Microsoft is working amongst them to figure out a solution hither is what you lot tin do:

1] Remove ADM Radeon HD2000 too HD4000 Drivers: 

Not a perfect solution, but when you lot remove these AMD drivers, the OS volition autumn dorsum to the default GPU available on your Motherboard. You tin equally good select to disable the hardware completely.

  • Open Device Manager ( WIN + X + M)
  • Find your Graphics driver nether Display Adapters > Right Click > Uninstall device or Disable Device.
  • Reboot your computer.

Post this; Windows volition non hold upward able to notice the ADM Radeon HD2000 too HD4000 device too loose the Windows 10 v1809 update on your computer. In illustration if the OS tries to prompt you lot amongst the message “New Device found”, but ignore it.

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2] Use but about other Browser

If you lot accept the update installed, too Edge keeps crashing, it’s improve to switch. You tin purpose browsers similar Chrome or Firefox, etc, until the result is resolved.

3] Physically Remove the Graphics Card

Both ADM Radeon HD2000 too HD4000 are the real one-time graphics card. AMD isn’t going to coil out anything, at to the lowest degree on its ain if your motherboard has an onboard GPU, its best to withdraw the cards. Then install the v1809 update, too and then pose it back. You tin fifty-fifty install the driver, but don’t purpose Edge browser.

We tin exclusively assume that Microsoft volition resolve this result equally shortly equally possible.



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