How to switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone


Windows Phones were unarguably a breath of fresh air dorsum inwards 2011. But, let’s exactly convey the fact that Windows Phones aren’t competing good equally people would expect. Surely, there’s the app shop which is ameliorate than it used to travel but few big names are nevertheless missing, together with people are done living without those essential apps. I mean, of course, the lack of apps was 1 of the deal-killer factors here.

There are a lot of factors nosotros consider these days earlier buying a novel phone. The create quality, camera, hardware, display together with close importantly its ecosystem because that’s what decides your overall experience. If yous are already familiar amongst 1 OS efficiently, moving to roughly other seems pretty daunting, together with why wouldn’t it be? After all, you’ve invested fourth dimension agreement the entire ecosystem.

So, immediately when you’ve in conclusion decided to acquire inwards the realm of Android OS, your hear would definitely travel flooded amongst lots of queries such equally how to switch from a Windows Mobile Phone to Android phone without losing your data, how to transfer contacts & information from a Windows hollo upward to Android phone, etc. Don’t yous worry! We receive got got yous covered together with tried to brand this transition smoothen amongst this footstep past times footstep guide.

How to switch from a Windows Phone to Android Phone

Windows Phones were unarguably a breath of fresh air dorsum inwards  How to switch from Windows Phone to Android Phone

Step 1: Move Contacts together with Calendar from Windows Phone to Android Phone

Since yous are a Windows hollo upward user, chances are pretty high that yous are using a Microsoft account. All yous receive got to practise role your Gmail together with the Microsoft trouble organisation human relationship to transfer calendar together with contacts from Windows hollo upward to Android phone. Here is how yous tin sync Outlook contacts and calendar afterwards on Android device.

1. First together with foremost, convey the backup together with sync everything amongst your Windows account. You exactly demand to acquire to the Settings together with tap on it. You volition meet Email+accounts on the list, tap on Hotmail together with acquire inwards your credentials. When the hide prompts yous to sync upward the data, tap on Contacts, e-mail together with calendar. The hollo upward volition convey roughly fourth dimension to sync all your information together with yous are done amongst the showtime step.

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2. Now, hither is how yous tin sync that information on your Android device. Just acquire to the settings, tap on the “Account” selection together with click on “Add account.” There, yous are supposed to acquire inwards your Microsoft trouble organisation human relationship e-mail address and password. Once done logging in, you’ll travel asked to fix your account. Click on the options of Sync email, calendar, together with contacts. This agency your Microsoft trouble organisation human relationship volition sync amongst the novel device, together with yous volition receive got your calendar together with contact details on your novel Android phone.

Step 2: Transfer your information from Windows Phone to Android Phone

1. You tin painlessly transfer information from Windows hollo upward to Android hollo upward through your desktop inwards an old-fashioned way. Simply connect your Windows hollo upward to your desktop using a Micro USB cable. Select the item yous desire to receive got on your novel Android device together with glue them into a folder. Then connect your Android device to your desktop inwards the similar fashion together with acquire all the information on your hollo upward from that folder travel it photos, music, videos or documents.

2. If yous don’t receive got PC, nevermind! We’ve got yous covered anyway. There are enough of third-party apps available, similar Phone Copier, that aid to transfer information betwixt smartphones. SHAREit is roughly other 1 that is available for both Windows together with Android platforms. You exactly demand to download SHAREit app on both the devices. And yes, don’t forget to connect to the Wi-Fi Hotspot created past times SHAREit on the Windows device. You demand to travel connected amongst Hotspot to ship the files.

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Now opened upward it upward on Windows phone, tap on the ship push together with direct the photos, music, docs yous desire to receive got on Android device. Once selected, tap on the device get upward showing on the app’s radar together with the files volition travel sent.

Step 3: Sync Old Data amongst Google Account

Unlike iOS ecosystem, the exclusively Google necessity yous demand on an Android smartphone is a Google account. Now that yous receive got your one-time information on your novel Android device, nosotros would propose yous sync it amongst your Gmail account. It makes things a lot easier to access, together with it is e’er a skillful see to practise it inwards advance.

Pro Tip

As you’ve exactly been through the entire procedure of how to switch from a Windows hollo upward to Android phone, permit me nation yous at that spot is no agency yous tin motility app data. Hence, if your adjacent enquiry is “how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Windows hollo upward to Android phone”, I am afraid there’s no such way. This is non exactly the instance amongst Windows OS; fifty-fifty other ecosystems practise non permit users access the app data.

So, if yous receive got been planning to motility from Windows Mobile Phone to Android phone, these tips volition come upward handy to brand your transition equally painless equally possible. If you’ve done it using a dissimilar way, permit us know your sense inwards the comment section, nosotros would travel to a greater extent than than happy to larn from you.

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