How to switch from a Windows Phone to iPhone: Step by Step Guide


The Windows 10 Mobile Phone OS is a corking OS if I may thus say, as well as it is unfortunate that Microsoft has seemingly decided to abandon this platform. Sure rumors of the Surface Phone receive got been doing the rounds, but non many are gear upwardly to hold off for it. Several Windows Phone users receive got decided to movement over to the iPhone or the Android OS. Now if I’d tell that the large numbers of users haven’t been seduced yesteryear the likes of novel entrant iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, as well as iPhone X despite their exorbitant pricing, that would live a blunt lie. You mightiness receive got grown tired of Windows Phone because of the piteous truth that they aren’t competing good inwards the marketplace correct now.

You receive got spent a reasonable amount of fourth dimension amongst your Windows Mobile Phone. Undoubtedly, y’all receive got a substantial amount of information stored on your device including pictures, videos, calendars, favorite music, apps, messages, as well as more.

So, if y’all receive got lastly decided to movement from Windows Phone to the iPhone, y’all are certain to receive got a lot of questions similar – How to switch from a Windows telephone to iPhone? How to transfer contacts from a Windows Phone to iPhone? And of course, how to transfer photos from Windows telephone to iPhone? Right?

It is pretty straightforward to migrate from Windows telephone to iPhone, but it is of import to follow the physical care for carefully, thus y’all don’t lose whatever of your valuable data. Worry not, nosotros receive got curated the stride yesteryear stride guide on how to switch from a Windows Phone to iPhone that furnish all the answers to your possible queries.

How to switch from a Windows Phone to iPhone

 Mobile Phone OS is a corking OS if I may thus tell How to switch from a Windows Phone to iPhone: Step yesteryear Step Guide

Step 1: Backup your Windows Phone Data

Backing upwardly your phone’s information manifestly is the get-go as well as inaugural thing to do. As luck would receive got it, Apple made it pretty tardily for y’all considering that y’all receive got been using Microsoft trouble organization human relationship to handle your contacts, calendar, as well as email. Now that y’all receive got all the backup, y’all tin easily sync these 3 entities every bit Apple’s iPhone supports Microsoft trouble organization human relationship directly out of the box.

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The get-go thing y’all require to ensure is that your Windows telephone is syncing all your information to Microsoft’s cloud service. You but require to upload your emails, calendar, as well as contacts to your Windows Live trouble organization human relationship or shop them via OneDrive.

Step 2: Moving Contacts, Calendar, Email from Windows Phone to iPhone

Assuming that y’all receive got backed upwardly your information using your Microsoft account, adjacent stride is to transfer that information to iPhone.

  • Get an Apple ID – To laid upwardly a novel iPhone, y’all are going to require an Apple ID as, without this one, y’all won’t live able to sign inwards or download apps. Create an Apple ID here.
  • Once y’all activate your novel iPhone, its fourth dimension to convey all the information y’all receive got uploaded to your Microsoft trouble organization human relationship over to your iPhone. The best as well as easiest agency to practise this is to laid upwardly Outlook on your iPhone; it volition accept exactly a infinitesimal or two. You exactly require to navigate to the settings inwards the iPhone, tap mail, contacts, calendars. Then tap add together trouble organization human relationship as well as choose Now fill upwardly up your Email as well as password as well as tap next.
  • Now that the trouble organization human relationship has been added, what next? You require to brand certain that y’all enable syncing for all the information y’all desire to transfer to your iPhone. Tap on mail, contacts, calendars, as well as banker’s complaint switch to plough on as well as synch your data. When the sync is not, the switch is green.
  • However, this is non the entirely way. You every bit good receive got an pick of using Microsoft’s Outlook app available on App Store to handle your calendars as well as email. Download Outlook from the Apple App Store.

Step 3: Transfer Photos as well as Music to iPhone

You tin ever start fresh amongst the novel phone’s photograph library amongst novel memories. But y’all chose non to, as well as that’s what brought y’all here. We larn that. Cloud services similar Dropbox as well as OneDrive both are accessible on iOS as well as Windows devices. These services are the best solution for uploading as well as downloading your music as well as photos. Read on to know how y’all practise tin practise that.

  • If y’all receive got been using Windows 10 Mobile, as well as thus the chances are pretty high that your photograph library laid to auto upload on OneDrive. If not, in that location is nonetheless fourth dimension y’all tin practise it as well as upload your entire photograph as well as music library to Microsoft’s cloud. With this simple step, y’all volition exactly require to install the OneDrive application from App Store, as well as you’ll receive got access to all of your pictures as well as videos at i time no affair wherever y’all are. Download OneDrive for iOS.
  • The Dropbox app for Windows every bit good industrial plant similarly. Make certain y’all receive got uploaded your Windows telephone information to Dropbox. Then install the Dropbox application for iPhone, as well as y’all tin download the content on your novel iPhone. Download Dropbox for iOS.
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Step 4: Set upwardly OneDrive to Transfer Documents

First as well as foremost, brand certain all the documents as well as information y’all require is already in that location on the OneDrive app inwards Microsoft Windows. The documents y’all practise on your Windows Phone volition live synced amongst Microsoft’s OneDrive Cloud Service. Open OneDrive as well as banking concern jibe i time that all the files y’all desire to receive got on your iPhone are there. Since you’ve already downloaded OneDrive for iOS yesteryear at nowadays to sync your residual of the data, the documents should automatically sync amongst your novel device.

Hopefully, the switch from a Windows Phone to iPhone volition live every bit painless every bit possible amongst the assist of this stride yesteryear stride guide.

Considering Microsoft’s rigid back upwardly for iOS & Android now, amongst a lilliputian operate you’ll live able to larn started amongst your novel iPhone inwards no fourth dimension without having to start i time again from scratch.

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