How to connect AirPods to Windows 10 PC


Apple introduced its novel wireless earphones afterward dropping the headphone jack from their latest iPhones of that time. They named it AirPods. Not surprising, these novel earphones travel amongst the assist of Bluetooth. Even though it is said that they volition exclusively travel amongst Apple’s iPhones, in that place is a relatively uncomplicated agency yesteryear which it tin live on paired upward amongst a reckoner running Windows 10. However, it stands to live on a trivial dissimilar than others in addition to reconnecting is relatively dissimilar too. In this article, nosotros volition live on finding out how to connect Apple AirPods to Windows 10.

Apple introduced its novel wireless earphones afterward dropping the headphone jack from their l How to connect AirPods to Windows 10 PC

Pair AirPods to Windows 10

We volition live on roofing 2 scenarios for using Apple’s AirPods’ amongst a Windows 10 computer:

  1. Pairing the AirPods for the offset time.
  2. Reconnecting the AirPods.

1] Pairing the AirPods for the offset time

Before pairing, brand certain that AirPods are at to the lowest degree 40% charged. If not, insert into the AirPod case, in addition to accuse it. Keep it within for the pairing process.

  1. Open the cap of your AirPods’ case.
  2. Press in addition to concord the round down push clitoris on the bring upward part of the charging instance for few seconds.
  3. Release the push clitoris when the low-cal within the instance blinks inwards white colour.
  4. Open Windows Settings app. (WIN + I)
  5. Navigate to Devices > Bluetooth
  6. Select Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  7. In a mini window that pops up, choose Bluetooth. 
  8. A listing of available Bluetooth devices volition live on populated.
  9. Select your AirPods from there.
  10. It volition automatically duet in addition to connect your AirPods, in addition to they volition live on available for the offset use.
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2] Reconnecting the AirPods again

Technically, 1 time paired, your AirPods should live on able to motorcar connect to already paired devices.  But the chances are that you lot bring it connected to your telephone or tablet. So if it doesn’t connect automatically, it is best to connect it manually.

  • Open Settings in addition to navigate to Devices > Bluetooth.
  • Under the department of Audio, select the entry for your AirPods.
  • Select the push clitoris that says Connect.
  • Once it prompts you lot of the connection, you lot are practiced to go.

If it however keeps connecting an disconnecting, read our postulate on how you lot tin fix AirPods frequent disconnection.

The postulate should assist you lot connect  AirPods to your Windows 10 computer.



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