Fix: Surface Pro Pen pressure sensitivity not working


When Microsoft decided to convey the Surface devices to market, the companionship wanted to brand certain that folks could create existent work. Now, i of the most pop versions of the Surface is the Surface Pro 3, together with from what we’ve gathered, around users are having problems amongst it. Apparently, the pressure level sensitivity is non working equally it should when folks are using fine art programs. These owners are having issues amongst apps such equally FireAlpaca, GIMP, together with fifty-fifty Photoshop CS6, though it plant exactly fine amongst Office 365 together with the Surface app.

Before going whatsoever further, brand certain the apps you’re using together with updated to newer versions if possible. We larn that most designers prefer to purpose Photoshop CS6, therefore, an update isn’t inward the cards due to Adobe’s greedy nature.

Surface Pro Pen pressure level sensitivity non working

There are basically 2 things y’all remove to create to create the problem:

  1. Alter pressure level sensitivity amongst the Surface app
  2. Install the latest WinTab drivers

1] Alter pressure level sensitivity using the Surface app

When Microsoft decided to convey the Surface devices to marketplace Fix: Surface Pro Pen pressure level sensitivity non working

The Surface app should come upward equally default on your Surface Pro, together with so nosotros merely inquire that y’all launch it together with alter the sensitivity settings. This mightiness or mightiness non work, but at the same time, it doesn’t wound to try.

We should too indicate out that the Surface app solely plant on Surface devices, together with so don’t bother thinking almost downloading the app from the Microsoft Store for a non-Surface product.

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2] Install the latest WinTab drivers

Here’s the thing, nosotros strongly believe the argue why your Surface Pro is having problems amongst pressure level sensitivity where GIMP together with other programs are concerned has much to create amongst the WinTab drivers.

What y’all remove to create at this point, is download the driver or drivers that are designed for your version of the Surface Pro. The next are the drivers y’all should download together with later that, cheque if the pressure level sensitivity is dorsum to normal together with working equally it should. These links are for downloading all electrical flow software, firmware, together with drivers for the Surface 3; including optional WinTab drivers:

Trust this helped y’all resolve your Surface Pro sensitivity issues.



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