Fix Surface Book 2 Battery Drain issue during Gaming, Sleeping, VR


Does your Surface Book ii battery drain quickly spell gaming, sleeping inwards VR?  Surface Book ii is a powerful as well as portable machine that supports high-end graphics laden games as well as programs. Microsoft has worked on the Surface Book, as well as the latest iteration promises the best hardware along with a couplet of cosmetic changes. But Surface Book ii suffers from a ability number that drains its battery fifty-fifty when connected to ability supply.

Surface Book ii Battery Drain issue

The battery drain number on the Surface Book ii is mutual inwards the 15-inch model. The best part, however, is that this employment tin live on solved past times changing a few settings as well as and hence yous tin become dorsum to carefree gaming on your Surface Book 2.

What causes the battery drain number on Surface Book 2

The battery drain number occurs entirely spell playing high-end graphics intensive games or using VR. The games commonly terminate inwards a smaller window every bit total enshroud is non supported past times DX 12. While doing so, they role upwards all the pixels the Surface Book ii has to offering as well as eventually terminate upwards draining the battery.

During intense gaming scenarios, with the Surface Power Mode Slider laid for Best performance, the battery discharges spell connected to the ability furnish – although it volition never drain completely. This is how it plant inwards Surface!

We too involve to empathize that Surface Book ii is non a gaming laptop. The best agency to solve to solve this number past times manually downscaling the resolution.

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1] Lower the enshroud resolution

 is a powerful as well as portable machine that supports high Fix Surface Book ii Battery Drain number during Gaming, Sleeping, VR

Right-click on the Desktop as well as guide Display settings > Select Resolution.

Select a lower resolution. Check out dissimilar resolutions as well as guide the ane that suits yous best

In all likelihood, running games on FHD resolution shouldn’t drain the battery.

2] Update NVIDIA drivers

 is a powerful as well as portable machine that supports high Fix Surface Book ii Battery Drain number during Gaming, Sleeping, VR

To update NVIDIA drivers, right-click on Desktop as well as guide NVIDIA Control Panel

Select Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings.

Open “Power Management Mode” as well as guide “Optimal Power” mode

Ensure that yous continue the settings at the Medium level

Apply the settings as well as restart your Surface.

3] Check ability consuming apps

It e’er helps to live on mindful virtually battery consumption. It is for this argue yous tin opened upwards Settings > System > Battery as well as “See which apps are affecting your battery life.” This volition convey upwards a listing of apps that are hogging your battery amongst the percent of battery consumed. You tin too alter the Time Period as well as and hence alter or uninstall the apps consuming maximum battery. I personally arrive a signal to ensure that the laptop is charged at-least 50 percent as well as is plugged on spell gaming.

This postal service on how to fix Battery drain issues inwards Windows 10 offers approximately additional tips, should yous need.



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