Fix: Outlook 2011 Opens Then Closes


When you open Outlook 2011 (MAC) it opens and closes by itself immediately. This is usually the case when your existing Outlook identity has been corrupted. The quickest and easiest approach to tackle this issue is to rebuild your Outlook identity. In this guide i will walk you through the steps to do this but if rebuilding doesn’t work, then you’ll have to create a new identity. Microsoft provides a utility called Microsoft Database Utility on MAC’s which is similar to Mail on Windows (under Control Panel). With the Microsoft Database Utility you can rebuild profiles/identities and also create new identities.

Rebuilding Outlook 2011 Identity on a Mac

Hold the ALT key on your keyboard and click the Outlook icon from the dock. If the Outlook application is not in the dock then go to Applications, and drag it to the dashboard. Once you open it with ALT  key held, this will open the database utility as shown in the image below

 it opens and closes by itself immediately Fix: Outlook 2011 Opens Then Closes

Choose Main Identity from the Identity Name tab and select Rebuild.

This will begin  rebuilding the database as shown in the image below:

 it opens and closes by itself immediately Fix: Outlook 2011 Opens Then Closes

This should now fix the Outlook issue. Once the identity has been rebuilt, you can open re-open Outlook. If this method doesn’t work, then you can create a new identity by clicking the + symbol Microsoft Database Utility. However, creating a new identity will result in a entirely new Outlook profile, and you will have to reconfigure it. It will also not import or restore any settings from the previous identity,  and you will have to re-configure your Outlook. If you’re previous identity is severely corrupted, then creating a new  identity is a better option then having to re-install Outlook.


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