Drawboard PDF app: Create, annotate and manage PDF Files in Windows 10, 8


The Drawboard PDF Windows 10, 8 app from the Windows Store is one of the best tools to create, view, annotate and manage your PDF documents. The app was available for free download at the time of launch, but things have changed a bit now.

With a size of only 18MB, the Windows 10, 8 app Drawboard PDF wants to help you manage your PDF files more easily. It is worth mentioning that the app is no longer free to install and it now costs $9.99 to download. Despite this change, Drawboard PDF remains a great tool for engineers, construction workers, architects, students, teachers, travelers, business and just anybody that needs o mark up a PDF document.

 The app was available for free download at the time of launch Drawboard PDF app: Create, annotate and manage PDF Files in Windows 10, 8


Drawboard PDF: Key features

Having worked with this Windows 10, 8 PDF app, I can confirm that it is very fast and has a very nicely polished user interface. Now I understand why the app was free for a limited time as it definitely has the characteristics of a premium Windows 10, 8 app and should be treated as one.

The #1 PDF app in the Store – View, annotate and manage your PDF documents the easy way! Ideal for replacing the pen and paper, avoid printing documents again by using our features that make annotating a PDF a breeze. Either upload or create a new PDF, annotate using our extensive array of tools, then save it back as a compatible PDF. Drawboard distinguishes itself by its intuitive user interface and experience, stylus and touch input separation, smooth and natural pen, and array of tools.

The has recently been updated with bug fixes and we’ll also keep an eye for future updates, as well. It comes with a lot of features, so here’s a recap of the most useful ones.

  •     Toggle between using an activated stylus and finger touch to perform annotations
  •     Open and read PDF documents
  •     Create new PDF documents of different size, orientation and page count
  •     Radial menu with the following features:
  •     Smooth and natural inking pen/stylus inking – change stroke width and colors
  •     Eraser – also works on the back of the stylus eraser where functional, and right click on mouse
  •     Select tool to move annotations around the screen
  •     Shapes – rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow
  •     Text markup – highlighter, underline, strikeout, squiggly
  •     All annotations have the option for varying colors, widths, opacities, fills etc
  •     Bookmarks, Search, Share by email
  •     Print, Recent document recovery
  •     Open large document file sizes
  •     View and display options
  •     Save as a compatible PDF
  •     Insert, Rotate and Delete Pages
  •     Change the layout and view modes of PDF, including night mode
  •     Pin PDFs to your start screen, and Pin local folders within Drawboard PDF for quick access.

Drawboard PDF comes in two versions: the base app that costs $9.99 and the PRO app that give you access to a series of useful features for an additional $3.99/month. More specifically, Drawboard PDF PRO offers the following additional features:

  • Document Builder: You can merge, re-order and arrange PDFdocuments.
  • Calibrated Annotations: You can calibrate your documents so as to scale and add linear and area measurements.
  • Protractor : Measure and rule ink at precise angles. This feature is fully compatible with the Surface Dial.
  • Grid and Line Templates & Overlays for more precise markups.

Do follow the link from below and download Drawboard PDF on your Windows 10, 8 device as quick as possible and you can have my word that you will not be disappointed.

Download Drawboard PDF for Windows 10, 8


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2013 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

Source: https://windowsreport.com/

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