Difference between Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell


Windows 10, Windows 8 together with Windows 7, all send alongside Windows PowerShell out of the box. Along alongside it, came the Command Prompt which was a successor to MS-DOS Command line. Often the presence of ii ascendence business tools inward i operating organization tin confuse the user. Today, nosotros volition live on discussing what the divergence betwixt Command Prompt together with Windows PowerShell is together with which should you lot usage when! This postal service is targetted at the beginner or mutual end-user.

Command Prompt vs. Windows PowerShell

 Often the presence of ii ascendence business tools inward i operating organization tin confuse the user Difference betwixt Command Prompt together with Windows PowerShell

Before nosotros boundary to verbalize over the differences, showtime allow us guide maintain a await at some brief history of both Command Prompt together with Windows PowerShell.

The Windows Command Prompt command business is a uncomplicated Win32 application. It has the capability of interacting alongside whatever other Win32 application or object inside the Windows operating system. People usage it for diverse purposes – simply mainly to toggle critical Windows settings together with to educate diverse components of the Operating System, using tools similar the System File Checker. It tin also loosely live on called every bit an upgraded version of MS-DOS. MS-DOS was Microsoft’s Command Line application on Windows Operating Systems earlier the Command Prompt was introduced.

The Windows PowerShell command business brings inward deeper integration alongside the Windows Operating System together with brings inward back upward for scripting every bit well. It is based on the .NET Framework together with was showtime released inward 2006. It is used for all the tasks that the Command Prompt tin execute – simply additionally, it is a neat tool for System Administrators every bit well.

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The Real Difference

The initial divergence lies inward the fact that PowerShell leverages the usage of what is known as cmdlets. These cmdlets allow the user to behave out a discover of administrative tasks similar managing the Registry to working alongside Windows Management Instrumentation. The Command Prompt cannot behave out such tasks.

If you lot guide maintain fifty-fifty slight exposure to estimator programming, you lot volition know about VariablesThese variables are used to shop data, which tin live on used for carrying out dissimilar operations. The PowerShell cmdlets tin live on used for operations inward some other cmdlet. This allows the fusion of several cmdlets to create a complex however effective cmdlet that carries out a chore in i lawsuit together with for all. You may live on able to relate this to Pipes in Linux.

Finally, Windows PowerShell ships alongside Windows PowerShell ISE which makes it a neat scripting environment, which tin live on used to create together with contend dissimilar PowerShell scripts that usage the .ps1 extension.

The Windows Command Prompt cannot practise all these things. It is a legacy surroundings that is beingness carried frontward to newer Windows releases. It is inspired past times MS-DOS, simply does non guide maintain much access to administrative privileges, the means Windows PowerShell has.


If you lot burn downwards upward some basic commands similar ipconfig, netsh, sfc, etc. you lot tin driblet dead along using the Windows Command Prompt. It is the ascendence business that is made for the mutual user who needs some basic information or wants to run basic operations similar Disk Error Checking or System File Checker.

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But if you lot desire to run complex operations or desire to contend a remote estimator or a server, you lot should live on using the Windows PowerShell, every bit it has diverse capabilities to behave out tasks similar these. However, at that topographic point mightiness live on a learning bend related to PowerShell – simply it volition live on worth the effort.

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