Convert Mac font to Windows-compatible font using DfontSplitter


If you lot are a Mac user together with role Windows organisation for occasional work, you lot volition honor that Mac has approximately beautiful collection of fonts which are non available inwards Windows. Professional users similar creative soul together with spider web designers by together with large switch betwixt Mac OS together with Windows for their live on together with would dear the agency the Mac renders the font.

The MacOS has a expert collection of the font which is nicer, smoother, easier together with optimized to read than the ones available inwards Windows. But unfortunately, you lot cannot role the Mac font inwards Windows every bit both Windows together with Mac role unlike font rendering technology. However, Windows font is of True Type format (.ttf) which is supported inwards Mac. But vice versa is non true.

The Mac font is of .dfont type together with Windows cannot straight read Mac True Type fonts similar .dfonts. Windows tin dismiss exclusively read Windows Open Type together with Windows TrueType fonts. To re-create Mac font (.dfont) to Windows together with role them inwards Windows, you lot convey to role a third-party application to convert Mac fonts (.dfont) into Windows TrueType format(.ttf).

In this article, nosotros explicate how to convert Mac Font (.dfont) to Windows Compatible Font (.ttf) using an opened upwards rootage application programme called DfontSplitter.

Convert Mac font to Windows compatible font

DfontSplitter is a gratis software that is suitable for both 32-bit together with 64-bit version of Windows 10. The tool is available inwards 0.3,0.2 together with 0.1 versions. The software provides a uncomplicated interface that enables the user to easily convert Mac formatted font (.dfont) into a Windows-compatible font (.ttf) file.

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Convert Mac formatted font into Windows-compatible font

Download together with install the DfontSplitter font converter software. Open it, together with you lot volition come across the next interface.

If you lot are a Mac user together with role Windows organisation for occasional live on Convert Mac font to Windows-compatible font using DfontSplitter

Click Add files together with therefore browse for Mac formatted font (.dfont) files that you lot desire to convert into a Windows-compatible TrueType(.ttf)  font file.

Choose the destination folder where you lot desire to salve the converted file.

Click the Convert button.

Once done, you lot volition come across the converted files inwards the finish folder.

DfontSplitter gratis download

You tin dismiss download freeware DfontSplitter from its homepage.

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