Consequences Risks of using Pirated Counterfeit Software


The marketplace for pirated software is huge, in addition to consumers easily autumn for the trap to acquire ‘real’ software products at dirt inexpensive cost which helps them produce the job. But inwards the procedure of adopting pirated software, consumers are at the opportunity of privacy intrusion, loss of sensitive data, substantial fiscal losses in addition to costs in addition to a big waste matter of fourth dimension trying to laid organization problems.

 in addition to consumers easily autumn for the trap to acquire  Consequences  Risks of using Pirated  Counterfeit Software

In monastic enjoin to stimulate habitation this point, Microsoft Commonwealth of Australia did a modest experiment where it went out to the local markets inwards Melbourne to buy counterfeit Windows in addition to Office software from 4 dissimilar sellers. These pirated disks were in addition to thus seat to the test, the results of which were worrying.

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Risks of using Pirated Software

Five out of the half dozen Microsoft Office disks were infected amongst malware spell half dozen out of the twelve Windows disks were duds (could non last installed in addition to run). Of the other half dozen disks which could last run in addition to tested successfully, the next was observed:

  • Two were infected amongst malware;
  • All the half dozen copies had Windows Update disabled;
  • All the half dozen copies had the Windows Firewall rules changed.

Of the total of the twelve counterfeit software copies that could last installed successfully (six Office in addition to half dozen Windows) in addition to tested, the next was affirmed:

  • Seven copies (58%) were infected amongst malware
  • A total of xx instances of half dozen dissimilar types of malware code found.
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This agency serious problem for users who unsuspectingly operate on such counterfeit Microsoft software particularly spell dealing amongst confidential information similar fiscal statements, sensitive passwords in addition to personal media items et al.

These findings were backed upwardly yesteryear a 2013 IDC study on The Dangers of Counterfeit Software, commissioned yesteryear Microsoft, which institute that:

  • One inwards 3 consumer’s PCs amongst counterfeit software volition last infected amongst malware inwards 2013;
  • Consumers globally volition waste matter US$22 billion in addition to 1.5 billion hours dealing amongst the issues, such equally recovering data, in addition to dealing amongst identity theft equally a result;
  • 26% of consumers who installed counterfeit software had their PC infected amongst a virus;
  • 78% of counterfeit software programs downloaded from pirate network sites or P2P networks installed tracking cookies or spyware.

You tin read to a greater extent than close the study here.

Though Microsoft Australia is considering enforcement activity against these 4 sellers who sold the counterfeit disks, the punch delineate it wants to deliver is:

 Counterfeit pirated software mightiness last cheaper, or fifty-fifty free, only it’s non worth the opportunity to purpose it!

Go hither to larn how to reveal out if whatever Microsoft Windows Software is Genuine in addition to to study Counterfeit software.



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