Comodo Antivirus Review: Free download for Windows PC


With the increasing cyber-attacks these days, the personal information stored inwards your PC is non condom anymore. While you lot cannot protect the servers of spider web portals, you lot tin secure your devices using unopen to practiced anti-virus programme in addition to protect them against diverse malware in addition to data-stealing Trojans. Which antivirus should you lot use? In this post, nosotros volition utter almost Comodo Antivirus Free version, which is also an integral business office of Comodo Internet Security Free. This gratis antivirus software helps you lot inwards securing your Windows PC completely. It assures consummate protection against malware issues in addition to data-stealing Trojans.

 the personal information stored inwards your PC is non condom anymore Comodo Antivirus Review: Free download for Windows PC

Comodo Antivirus Free for Windows PC

Unlike the other Antivirus programs, Comodo Antivirus comes alongside similar features for both paid equally good equally its gratis version. The pack includes an Antivirus scanner, H5N1 quarantine, Sandbox operating surroundings in addition to a Task Manager. Its fast cloud-based scanning gives you lot a listing of infected files inwards existent time. The paid version includes a Firewall too.

Points which makes Comodo a nifty option

Quarantine: Some antivirus programs uncovering the perchance infected files in addition to delete them conduct away.  But what if you lot uncovering that file wasn’t infected in addition to was rather an of import one? This is where Quarantine helps. Comodo antivirus runs a thorough scan in addition to detects all filed which seems to survive infected in addition to harmful for your PC. These files are in addition to then sent to Quarantine which in addition to then deleted the file from the original location, makes necessary changes in addition to puts them inwards unopen to hidden folder inwards your PC which other programs can’t access.

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Automatic Updates: Once you lot download in addition to install the antivirus programme inwards your PC, you lot don’t demand to worry almost the latest in addition to updated version released. The programme volition automatically update to the latest version of virus protection.

Sandbox Technology

The Sandbox technology scientific discipline used inwards Comodo antivirus creates a virtual computing surroundings for the untrusted programs, thereby keeping your PCs condom from the viruses in addition to Trojans. The virtual operating surroundings executes the untrusted programs or files without affecting the application inwards which it runs.

Scheduled scans

With this gratis antivirus program, you lot tin schedule the PC Scan according to your convenience.

Overall, Comodo is a overnice in addition to useful antivirus programme which comes alongside a comprehensive bundle of protection technologies along alongside a uncomplicated in addition to build clean interface. The master copy overview has it all. It is to a greater extent than almost protection than detection. The programme helps you lot take the infected files from your PC thereby improving its speed in addition to performance.

Download Comodo Antivirus Free from here in addition to allow us know which free antivirus software you lot prefer to purpose to protect your Windows computer.



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