Change AutoSave and AutoRecover time in Microsoft Office Word


The AutoSave or Auto-Recover characteristic inwards Microsoft Word is a really handy characteristic every bit it saves your file automatically on a periodic basis. If required, you lot tin laid upward how oft files are saved. For instance, if you lot laid upward AutoSave to salve every v minutes, you lot may recover to a greater extent than information inwards the lawsuit of information loss than if it’s laid upward to salve every 10 or fifteen minutes. By default, AutoRecover saves Office files every 10 minutes. However, changing the fourth dimension interval is easy.

Change AutoRecover time in Word

AutoRecover or AutoSave does non supplant the Save command. AutoRecover is solely effective for unplanned disruptions, such every bit a ability outage or a crash. AutoRecover files are non designed to travel saved when a logoff is scheduled or an orderly shutdown occurs.

If you lot are currently completing a post, click the ‘File’ tab. From the ‘File’ department showing upward select ‘Options’. Next, nether ‘Word Options’ dialog box’s carte du jour list, select ‘Save’.

Scroll downwards until you lot abide by ‘Save documents’ section. There, ‘Save AutoRecover information every…‘ selection should travel visible to you.

 characteristic inwards Microsoft Word is a really handy characteristic every bit it saves your file automatically on  Change AutoSave in addition to AutoRecover fourth dimension inwards Microsoft Office Word

You volition abide by past times default the ‘Save AutoRecover information every…‘ checkbox is checked. Uncheck the selection inwards illustration you lot desire to disable AutoRecovery, in addition to you do non desire Word to automatically salve your documents to a preset time. But if you lot desire to modify the fourth dimension interval, simply role the Up-Down arrows to modify the default fourth dimension in addition to laid upward the novel fourth dimension limit.

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Change AutoRecover file place inwards Word

By default, the AutoRecover .files are saved inwards C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\ location. But if you lot wish, you lot tin modify it too, here.

Click OK to salve all the changes made.



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