Capture multiple contents to clipboard with ClipAngel for Windows 10


The clipboard characteristic on Windows 10 hasn’t changed much ever since it became a thing, together with that tin live on a occupation for many powerfulness users. You see, it’s non possible to re-create multiple pieces of text together with receive got it saved inwards the clipboard for time to come use. Now, y’all mightiness live on wondering if there’s whatsoever agency to acquire unopen to the problem. Well, yes, yep y’all can, merely comport inwards heed you’ll receive got to download a third-party free clipboard managing director software. The 1 nosotros utter over today is called ClipAngel, together with from our days of use, nosotros receive got to tell that it works quite well.

ClipAngel Clipboard Manager software for Windows

This computer program belongs to course of written report “Clipboard Manager”. It captures many clipboard objects together with allows the user to select together with glue 1 inwards whatsoever program. Inspired past times analogs: ClipDiary, Ditto, AceText. Main priorities: usability, compatibility, reliability.

We volition utter over the next points:

  1. Add content to the clipboard
  2. List
  3. Clip
  4. Settings

1] Add content to clipboard the tardily way

t changed much ever since it became a matter Capture multiple contents to clipboard amongst ClipAngel for Windows 10

There’s nada to larn here, to live on honest. Just add together stuff the same agency you’ve e’er done when using the default clipboard characteristic inwards Windows 10.

Highlight the words y’all desire to add together to ClipAngel, right-click, together with then select Copy from the menu. Alternatively, y’all could highlight the words, together with then select CTRL-C to copy, together with correct away you’ll encounter the items inwards the application.

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2] List

This department allows the user to command the listing of items inwards the window. From here, folks tin receive got an exceptional moved to the overstep subsequently use. Additionally, y’all tin manually deed an exceptional up, or deed it downwards at whatsoever time.

When it comes downwards to Filter past times date, this is some other groovy characteristic nosotros tend to purpose oft earlier clearing our history. When y’all click on it, you’ll live on shown a calendar, which is where you’ll live on able to filter together with solely demo the items y’all desire to see.

Now, if y’all desire to delete all your items, click on Delete all non-favorite. Doing this volition take all items from the listing exterior of the ones that you’ve favorited. If y’all desire to compass an exceptional equally a favorite, right-click on it together with then select the selection that says Mark equally favorite.

The listing selection is filled amongst things y’all tin do, hence laissez passer on it a thorough run through earlier moving forward.

3] Clip

t changed much ever since it became a matter Capture multiple contents to clipboard amongst ClipAngel for Windows 10

This department is pretty rich inwards features equally well, hence receive got your fourth dimension when going through it. From here, y’all tin also compass items equally favorite, hence there’s some other option. The selection to delete items one-by-one is also here.

Additionally, if y’all desire to search for an item, y’all tin produce that direct from the Clip section, no problem. There’s quite a lot the user tin produce from this section. Therefore, nosotros advise checking it out.

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4] Settings

t changed much ever since it became a matter Capture multiple contents to clipboard amongst ClipAngel for Windows 10

If y’all would prefer to edit the hotkey for them to tally your style, together with then this is where you’ll acquire it done. Folks tin fifty-fifty lead to re-create text from whatsoever window, though it’s non something we’d purpose quite often.

By default, ClipAngel checks for the latest update automatically. You mightiness non live on interested inwards this. Therefore, the powerfulness is at that spot to plow it off. Furthermore, the computer program doesn’t autostart when Windows 10 boots up, merely this tin live on changed amongst a uncomplicated click of the mouse.

Overall, nosotros works life ClipAngel to live on the virtually powerful clipboard tool we’ve ever used, together with that’s maxim a lot. Go on ahead together with laissez passer on it a travail because we’re surely y’all won’t live on disappointed, non 1 bit. You tin download ClipAngel direct from Sourceforge for free.



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