AIMP Audio Player comes with an audio converter, audio ripper, audio recorder, tag editor


Are y’all tired of your Windows Media Player together with looking for approximately alternative ? If so, y’all should definitely displace AIMP audio player. AIMP is to a greater extent than than an good player: it supports numerous good formats, including OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG etc, it includes an good converter, an good ripper, an good recorder, a tag editor together with lots of other features.

Are y'all tired of your Windows Media Player together with looking for approximately alternative  AIMP Audio Player comes alongside an good converter, good ripper, good recorder, tag editor

AIMP Audio Player

The principal departure betwixt Windows Media Player together with AIMP good histrion is that AIMP too includes an good converter every bit good every bit an Audi Recorder, a tag editor is too included.

The best constituent of AIMP good histrion is that it has got an slow user interface, its minor on size together with too makes minimal exercise of your organisation resources.

Features of AIMP Audio Player:
  • Crystal-clear sound, technology scientific discipline of reproduction essentially differs from Winamp together with WMP.
  • Sensitive equalizer.
  • A maximum of functionality from a minimum of resources.
  • The minimal consumption of organisation resources.
  • Adjustment of global together with local hot keys (patterns from WinAmp together with WMP).
  • Flexible options of the programme together with diverse covers volition allow y’all to brand A.I.M.P. completely individual.
  • Support of plug-ins alongside which assistance it is possible to expand opportunities of the program.
  • The good converter codes music from the nearly dissimilar formats inward wma, mp3, wav, ogg.
  • AudioGrab allows to overtake AudioCD inward Mp3, OGG, WAV or WM.
  • The good recording volition allow y’all to write downward a good from whatsoever good of the device inward system.
  • The built-in editor of tags, back upwards WMA, MP3, OGG.
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AIMP too allows y’all to play your songs inward dissimilar modes, i.e. speed, tempo, pitch , flanger, echo together with reverse. You tin fifty-fifty alter properties of songs, straight re-create a vocal to your clipboard, integrate lyrics together with much more.

Download it from its home page.



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