5 best noise-cancelling software for PC to reduce background noise


Noise-canceling software is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise, and the market is filled with tools that are able to do this. You may need noise cancellation software for various reasons such as talking to your friends while you are gaming, or chatting on Skype and so on.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a highest-quality microphone, the audio will end up collecting a lot of background noise. But the good news is that there are lots of programs that are able to cancel the microphone noise, and we’ve gathered the best five options you have at your disposal these days.

Best noise-cancelling tools for Windows PCs

  1. DSP Soundware
  2. NoiseGator (Noise Gate)
  3. SoliCall
  4. Andrea PC Audio Software
  5. Samson Sound Deck Windows

1. DSP Soundware

 is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise 5 best noise-cancelling software for PC to reduce background noise

This is a great active noise cancellation software for your PC running Windows. The ANC algorithm is able to virtually cancel all the background noise, improving the headphone user’s listening experience. The Adaptive Noise Cancelling algorithm is excellent for high noise environments.

Check out the most important features of this program:

  • The software requires little CPU power, enabling the use of battery-powered CPUs.
  • This program is able to sharply reduce background noise.
  • It compensates for a microphone, speaker and also for acoustic characteristics.
  • The tool improves voice quality and intelligibility.
  • Your music listening experience will be enhanced as well while you’re using the software.

It’s recommended that active noise cancellation will not be used when you are operating a motor vehicle, while you’re bicycling, walking in locations with high traffic and so on because the noise cancellation may result in you not being able to hear sounds that would otherwise alert you of potential dangers.

You can get the program from the DSP Soundware official website and enjoy its great features.

2. NoiseGator (Noise Gate)

 is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise 5 best noise-cancelling software for PC to reduce background noise

This is quite a simple noise gate app that is intended for use with VOIPs such as Skype to cancel the background noise and provide you an enhanced experience while you are talking to your buddies.

Check out the most important features that are packed in this app:

  • The app is able to completely cut out background noise while you’re talking to other on Skype.
  • NoiseGator is a lightweight app that is also effortless to use.
  • It routes the audio through an audio input to an audio output.
  • The app is able to analyze in real time the audio level, and if the audio level is higher than the threshold, the audio will bypass as normal.
  • If the audio level goes below the threshold, the gate will close, and the audio is cut.
  • When you are using the app with a virtual audio cable, it will be able to act as a noise gate for either a sound input such as a microphone or sound output such as speakers.
  • The app can also be used to gate noise from your very own mic or play your mic through your speakers.

To use this app on Windows, you will need Java 7 or higher. You can currently download the NoiseGator from this website.

3. SoliCall

 is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise 5 best noise-cancelling software for PC to reduce background noise

SoliCall developed a patented technology for improving the audio quality in telephony. SoliCall’s audio noise reduction software includes innovative noise reduction, client and cloud-based echo cancellation as well. With this tool, you will be able to easily improve the audio quality in any type of phone calls.

Check out the most impressive features of the software below:

  • This innovative technology has been improved over the years by solving highly complex audio quality issues.
  • This tool provides a professional solution to all kinds of audio problems that you may encounter.
  • The technology is used worldwide to filter millions of phone calls each day.
  • SoliCall customers include developers of communication software, call centers, conference bridge providers, and network operators and organizations all over the world.
  • It boosts the audio quality of the calls.

SoliCall also has a dedicated support team who will help users analyze the audio behavior in their systems and will guide them on the best tuning to enhance the sound quality in their environments.

The app comes with innovative and patented noise reduction technology, and it’s compatible with lots of devices and platforms. It is also available for cloud-based communications.

You can find out more about this service and get the app from SoliCall official website.

4. Andrea PC Audio Software

 is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise 5 best noise-cancelling software for PC to reduce background noise

The Andrea PC Audio Software provides the latest Audio Commander and noise cancellation filters that you can use with Andrea USB devices. The service supports Windows.

Take a look at the essential features that come with Andrea PC Audio Software:

  • The app is able to provide noise cancellation, and the speaker output is enhanced with Andrea’s PureAudio noise reduction for removing noise from your VoIP received audio.
  • By cleaning up the signal that you are listening to, you will enhance intelligibility.
  • The Aggressive PureAusio noise reduction on the speaker output will remove even more noise from your VoIP received audio.

The software comes with a high fidelity ten band Graphic Equalizer with preset selections for specific control of the bass, mid-range and treble audio levels for customizing the sound tone to best fit your favorite music type.

The app also comes with microphone recording features such as stereo noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation, light beam forming, aggressive beam forming, beam direction, microphone boost and many more.

Check out more details and get the Andrea PC Audio Software from the official website.

5. Samson Sound Deck Windows

 is a brilliant way to cancel your microphone noise 5 best noise-cancelling software for PC to reduce background noise

Samson Sound Deck for Windows is a noise cancellation software that is able to expand the capability of your computer communication and recording as well. The software is inspired by the digital audio processing technology that is used in the cockpits of military fighter jets.

The program is powered by the state-of-the-art digital noise reduction algorithms that produce crystal clear communications and recordings in any environment.

Check out the most impressive features that are packed in Samson Sound Deck Windows:

  • This is the ultimate tool for home and office VoIP communication, voice recognition software, gaming and recording music and audio for YouTube videos, webinars and more.
  • Samson Sound Deck Windows will reside on your computer’s taskbar always improving sound quality and removing repetitive background noises.
  • The software lets you control lots of filters.
  • If your surrounding suddenly becomes quieter, you can just turn off the Digital Noise Reduction and utilize the unfiltered sound that is captured by the microphone.
  • Samson Sound Deck Windows includes a digital audio recorder with simple file saving and export functionalities.
  • The built-in recorder is perfect for recording voice memos, or full audio files for webinars.

The merging of the Samson Sound Deck Windows with Samson’s USB microphones will result in some of the most advanced computer VoIP communication and recording solutions that are available these days.

You can get the Samson Sound Deck Windows from the official website.


These are currently the best five solutions that you can find for canceling noise. Check out all their features and according to your needs decide which program is the best one for you and is ideal for providing the best noise-canceling features.

They all come packed with tons of impressive features that you can check out in more detail by heading to their official websites.


Source: https://windowsreport.com/

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